One reason why Saint Seiya was never forgotten was because of its merchandise. Since the Original Era[1985-1992], the title "Saint Seiya" has been used on various products related to the manga/anime. With fans from all around the world pushing the Revival[1995-2002] of the manga/anime, the title "Saint Seiya" has become the name of the franchise. With the dawn of the New Era[2002-Present], the franchise have spawned many products, toys, video games, and various merchandise not just solely for the Japanese market.

Saint Cloth Series

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    When the show was still on the air, Bandai released plastics models[vf: Pura moderu] of the characters. Most of them are for display purposes only. Like Saint Cloth Series, you have two display settings, on the Saint or on the object. The Gold Saints comes with robes(most of them are plastic, some are a piece of cloth.) You need to built them and re-paint them, but if you prefer the original color already given, you don't have to paint it. For the full action and deluxe ones, you only need to built it and the Saint figure can move its parts. (In the Revival Era, reproductions of most of these models were released.) There were 32 of them:


    After the TV series ended, the company Kaiyoudou released garage kits. The packages come with the raw parts and a stand. You need to sand the parts, refined them, paint them, glue them together.(There were shops that offered services to do all this for you for a premium fee.) There were 11 garage kits released:

Saint Paradise[ZCgp_CX: Seinto Paradaisu]

    After the manga ended, from 1991-1992, Shueisha and Bandai focused more on the younger fans and started the project called Saint Paradise. It had multiple products:

Video Games

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Original Era

    Here is a list of Original Era merchandise:

Revival Era


Banpresto[ovXg] Ootuka Kikaku[IIcJ] Amada[Vc] Toei[f] Other Merchandise Saint Cloth Myth

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New Era



All products are limited

Banpresto[ovXg] Megahouse Movic


Toei[f] Shueisha Seika Various Companies Champion Red

Original manga style

Ep. G style Ep. G Volumes Limited Edition Products Next Dimension

Champion Weekly Magazine Only

Lost Canvas Champion Weekly Magazine Only Magazine Limited

Super Jump


Animage Beat

New Type


    1. The way to have a chance to get this figure is to gather 10 bar codes and send it to Megahouse for a drawing.