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Gold Legend Series

Gold Legend[‰©‹à“`à: Ougon Densetu]

    Released on Aug. 10th, 1987, for the Famicon system. It is an RPG game with a little action. The game covers mostly Galaxian Wars Chapter up to Gold Chapter. You fight with some of the Gold Saints and a boss called Shadow Cloth(1)
    In the game, you have a table of data where you can manipulate to make your fighter stronger. When you're moving around the area, there will be little pawns that will trouble you. For fighting with the main enemies, there are 4 bars to charge to determine what attack you release and how powerful. You can interchange Saints if the game allows you. You also have an option of a Vs. Match if a friend of your's controls player two.

Gold Legend Conclusion[‰©‹à“`à@Š®Œ‹•Ò: Ougon Densetu Kanketu Hen]

    Released on May. 30th, 1988, for the Famicon system. It is mostly an RPG game with some fighting action. The game focuses on the 12 Palalces Arc. This time you do get to fight Gemini Saga.
    Before you can enter each Palace, you have to overcome the landscape and defeat pawns to store Sevensenses. The Sevensenses bar is used to replenish your Cosmo and Life bars that also determines how powerful your Skills are inside the Palace fight.
    In the actual Palace fight, you can talk, fight, interchange Saints, or escape from the fight. Each Palace fight has a strategy that corresponds with the story of Saint Seiya, so you need to figure out what is the right thing to do.

Gold Legend[‰©‹à“`à•Ò] Perfect Edition

    Released in Jul. 31st, 2003 for the WonderSwan system, was the improved version of the old Nintendo games, titled, Gold Legend[‰©‹à“`à•Ò] Perfect Edition. The game play is the same but the key is to fight pawns to increase Cosmo and EXP values so you can keep fighting. The main fighters you face are Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Docrates, Misty, Gemini Saint, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Milo, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite and Saga.

Famicon Jump Hero Lives[ƒtƒ@ƒ~ƒRƒ“ƒWƒƒƒ“ƒv ‰p—Y—ñ“`: Famikon Janpu Eiyuu Retuden]

    Released on Feb. 15th, 1989 for the Famicon system. This game is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Weekly Jump. It is an RPG game. It has all the characters that made Jump the legend that it is, just to name a few: Captain Tsubasa, Fist of the North Star, Orange Road, City Hunter, Ring ni Kakero, Wingman, Touch, Cat's Eye, Dragon Ball and, of course, Saint Seiya!!
    This game centers around a boy who actually goes into Jump Weekly Magazine. The Jump World has been ruled by Dragon Ball's Picoro and the boy has to save the Jump World with help from the hero characters of Jump.
    For the Saint Seiya parts, you move with Seiya and see Shiryu, Shun and fight with Camus, Shura, Death Mask, Aphrodite and Saga to save Saori. At the last stage where you have to fight with all the manga bosses, you fight with Saga again. At the end, all the heros will thank you.

Saint Paradise, The Most Powerful Warriors[ƒZƒCƒ“ƒgƒpƒ‰ƒ_ƒCƒX Å‹­‚̐íŽm‚½‚¿: Seinto Paradaisu Saikyou no Senshi Tachi]

    Released on Nov. 13th, 1992 for the Game Boy system. It is an RPG game. This game covers mostly, Sanctuary and Poseidon Chapter.(2) The strategy of the game is for you to raise fighting levels by fighting pawns and Saints, finding cards and secrets.
    This is a traditional RPG game. You don't really fight but just command your fighters to fight. The key to the game is talk with every one in the area and raise your levels. If your levels are not high enough, you can't win the fights with the important characters to move the story.
    The other key is to find cards and open secrets. If you don't have the cards, or you can't open secret paths you won't able to find the enemy characters to fight, so you can't move the story.
    During the actual fights, you get to choose from 6 commands: fight, Skill, defend, Carddas, status, order. To win most fights you just need the high enough levels but for some fighters you may need to do other things first, so you can can actually hurt them.

Typing Ryuusei Ken

    A typing PC game for windows was released by Bandai in 2002. There are 3 modes: Training Mode, Galaxian Wars Mode, and 12 Palaces Mode. You can unlock wallpapers. Typing correctly can increase your Cosmo. You can use Finish Blows by typing the correct names. Typing wrongly can decrease your strength and if you continue wrongly, you can get seriously hit.

Play Station 2

Sanctuary 12 Palaces

    Released in Apr. 7th, 2005 was the first PS2 Game of Saint Seiya, Chapter-Sanctuary[¹ˆæ\“ñ‹{•Ò].(3) The game is 3D battle game. There are 4 game modes. The first mode is Gold12 Palaces or Story Mode where you fight following the story and can watch mini-movies. You defeat pawns on the way to the Palace and after that, you enter the Palace to fight the Gold Saint. There are alternate stories than the usual ones you see in the anime or manga.(4)
    The second mode is One Thousand Wars Mode or VS Mode where your fighter can fight the computer or your friend controling fighter 2. The third mode is Seiya's Rest Day Mode where you can see the items you unlocked.
    The fourth mode is Juggler Devil Punch Mode or Pope Mode. You play as the bad guys to protect the 12 Palaces. There are items you can use to weaken you opponent or strengthen your fighter. To be able to use all the players, you have to do a command at the Beginning/Continue Screen of the mode to unlock other players you didn't have access to before. The code is at the official website(
    The main fighters you can control and unlock are Seiya, Shiryu(5), Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Marin, Shaina, Misty, Mu, Aldebaran, Gemini ???, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko, Milo, Sagittarius Seiya, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite, Saga, Shou, Daichi, and Ushio. There are black versions(purple color) of all the players and there are Plain Clothes versions of Bronze 5.

Hades 12 Palaces-Inferno

    Released in Feb. 1st, 2007 was the second PS2 game of Saint Seiya, The Hades Chapter-Sanctuary[–»‰¤ƒn[ƒfƒX\“ñ‹{•Ò].(6) The game is 3D battle game with improved game play than before.(7) There are 6 game modes. The first mode is Hades 12 Palaces Mode or Story Mode where you fight following the story from Hades Sanctuary to Inferno Chapter where Shun gets possessed by Hades.(8) There are extra stories from the manga.(9)
    The second mode is One Thousand Wars Mode or VS Mode where your fighter can fight the computer or your friend controlling fighter 2. The third mode is Saint Myth Mode or Arcade Mode. You get to fight 12 random fighters. The 12th is Sagittarius Seiya. If you don't need to use continues you get to fight with Libra Shiryu and Aquarius Hyoga after Sag Seiya.
    The fourth mode is Eternal Battlefield Mode or Survival Mode, you get to keep on playing until you lose fully. If you survive 19 battles, on the 20th, you fight Aiolos!! The fifth mode is Light Speed Deathmatch Mode or Time Attack Mode, where you use the least amount of time to defeat 12 opponents. The sixth mode is Seiya's Rest Day Mode where you see the items you unlocked.
    The main fighters you can control and unlock are:

Slot Gaming

Pachinko CR Saint Seiya

CR Saint Seiya/Saint Rush 99

    On Sept. 4, 2011, CR Saint Seiya[CR¹“¬Žm¯–î] were installed in panchinko parlours all around Japan. For those who  are unfamiliar with Pachinko, in Japan, gambling is illegal but there are ways to by pass the laws. Pachinko machines are one of them.

    The machines are a mix between slot and pinball machines. On the screen you will see pictures with numbers. What you want is the 3 of the same so you can have a payout of pinballs or increase your chances of a big pinball payout. Also, you want to direct your pinballs to certain slots or a hidden slot that opens at the right moment so you can win a big payout.

    After you finished with the machine, if you have enough payout you can exchange the pinballs for prizes. You can then exchange prizes for money if you choose at another location(sometimes right outside or next to the pachinko parlour.) During the promotion, lots of good were given. Here's a list of things you can get at the promotion or the actual palours:

    What's most interesting about this CR than other ones is that the amount of content in it. The content or scenes you can see when you play are newly produce animation of the original Saint Seiya story by Toei. It is almost like a half remake of the original TV Series. The main focus is the 12 Palaces Arc but other scenes were also produced. Furthermore, scenes that were not even animated in the original TV Series, are created just for this game.

    Also unlike many Pachinko machines, Saint Seiya has a dramatic battle system where you can battle with Gold Saints. The battle is rendered in 3D animation. If you do well, the payout will increase. There are two machines with different specs you can can choose to play with, Bronze or Gold.

    Because CR Saint Seiya was so successful, an alternate version with some new scenes added was introduced in Jan, 2012, called Saint Rush 99 Version. The main difference with this machine is that it has a Bronze Saint resurrection mode. The staying period of a chance in getting a big payout has increased to 76%. The goods given to promote this machine were an envelope, a 3 page open card, and a guide book.

    You can play an online version of the game here:

Star Destiny

    A new pachinko machine will debut soon with focus on Gold Saints again. New scenes were made again. The mercandise are:

PachiSlot Saint Seiya

    The same company who produced the Pachinko is developing a Saint Seiya Slot Machine. The game play is more tradition. When you get 3 of the same kind of pictures, you get a pay out. Like the other machines you will see newly produced anime footage. This time some Silver Saints are featured. The goods given at the promtion were a DVD, a guide book, a towel and golf balls!!

Play Station 3

Saint Seiya War Chronicle

    Bandai Namco Games developed a 3D action game called Saint Seiya War Chronicle[¹“¬Žm¯–îí‹L: Seitoushi Seiya Senki]. It was released on Nov. 23rd, 2011.(12) You have the option to choose to buy a normal edition or Deluxe Edition.

    The Deluxe ed. comes with limited items:

    If you preorder the game, you get these limited items:     There are mainly 2 Modes, Story and Mission. For Story Mode, you fight playing the story where you can fight against many opponents(i.e. Pawns) or just 1 opponent(i.e. Gold Saint.) For Mission Mode, you can choose to play different missions following the Saint Seiya story or other missions not in the story.[10] In this mode you can use Gold Saints. Also there are co-op play missions.

If you can log on to Japanese PSN Network you can get Extra download content[11]:

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers

    A 3D VS game was released on Oct 17th, 2013. Many regions will get a physical copy. North America can get it through Play Station Network. Some regions will have a privilege version where the First Print DLC will be included for download for a limited time on PSN. Online play is possible.

Although during the promotions they said there are 50 characters. This is false. There are really only 38 characters.[13]

38 Character = 5 Main Bronze + 12 Gold + Shion + 7 Generals + Poseidon + 3 Judges + Twin Gods + Hades + Jabu + Ichi + Marin + Shaina + Orphee + Athena

Many characters have different costumes. The differences between one costume and another is mainly the Big Bang Attack.[14]

Many elements from the previous games are reused, recycled and reworked. The characters that appeared in Sanctuary Battle plays the same way in this game, from combos, skills, big bang down to store Cosmo motion.

First Print DLC:

Limited Edition Items: The developers have said there will no character DLC but only Costume DLC:

Jump Ultimate Stars

    Released on Nov. 23th,  2006 on NintendoDS was the second Jump characters game, Jump Ultimate Stars. With more characters than before, Saint Seiya characters were featured. The characers are Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Saori and Mu. Characters from other mangas are Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Fist of the North Star, Slam Dunk, Death Note, Dr Slump, YuYu Hakusho, and etc.

Galaxy Card Battle

    On Apr 12th, 2012, an RPG card game was provided by Mobage. You gather cards and you play by going on quests, battle with other players or partner with them, trying to become the most powerful Saint.

Sega Online Game

    A online game is been developed by Sega China with ChinaJoy. This is the official one with participation from Masami Kurumada unlike all the fakes out there. It was scheduled to be released in 2009 Summer but it was push back for a future release(because of the fakes). The developer promises it will stay more true with manga. It was use a newly developed ATHENA system that create a no-miss target system.

    In the ChinaJoy Convention 2012, limited items were on sale, a carry on luggage and a badge.


    A PSP game based on the show, Omega, will be on sale Nov 29th, 2012. It's called, "Saint Seiya Omega Ultimate Cosmo". It is a Vs game where if you have enough Cosmo in your gauge you can launch special attacks. The 1st Print Only Extra will be Concept Art Collection! The setting of the game is at Thalassa Island and the story is about the 7 characters gathering the 7 Aqua Drops!


Notes & Trivia

1. The Shadow Cloth idea was created by a fan.
2. Although there is no Asgard Chapter in the game, Seiya gets to wear the Odin Robe at Level 35.
3. The Limited Edition came with a Sagittarius Box Memory Card Case.
4. To fight Gold Shaina, you have to fight all the 12 Palaces fighters without the need of continues. The opponents are: Aldebaran, Gemini ???, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko, Milo, Sagittarius Seiya, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite, Saga.
5. This was the last job of the original Voice Actor of Shiryu, Hirotaka Suzuoki before he died.
6. The Limited Edition came with a Bronze Box Memory Card Case where the front side can be interchanged with 5 Bronze Reliefs.
7. Though the command of the Big Bang Attack is executed easier, the actual performance of Big Bang Attack of the fighter is the same where you have to crash into an open opponent for your fighter to actually perform the Skill.
8. You get to follow the story by reading the dialogue, the choice of dialogue you make will influence the Cosmo gauge on your fighter or opponent.
9. At the time, only the Underworld Preceded OVA was produced, so the story with Aiacos vs. Ikki and Hyoga vs. Minos is based on the manga.
10. Most of it is just a rehash of what you've done in story mode.
11. With the actual small files size, fans suspect most of the content is already on the disk.
12. Although this is a newly produced game, a lot of the backgrounds, sounds, music was taken from the PS2 games.
13. This lie has angered many fans.
14. Only Sag Seiya has a Sag Arrow Skill in place of Comet Punch.