Saint Cloth Myth

    Although the Saint Cloth Myth[mߐ_b: Seitoushi Seii Shinwa] coincided with the OVA releases, the concept of the line was thought up long before the OVA was concieved. With the popularity of "Saint Cloth Series Gold Saints Gather 12", the one who was responsible for that product expressed a wish for Tamashii[: Chougoukin Tamashii: Super Alloy  Soul] like figures for Saint Seiya.
    The idea of the line is to create the 'Ulitmate Cloths[ɃNX: Kyuukyoku Kurosu]'. Hiroaki Tanaka(1) and Keita Izumi(2) were appointed to create the line. Another intention of the line was to create a full line up, that's why even minor characters were produced. Though the die-cast Cloth pieces varies with each figure, with extra parts and accessories, different poses and different skills can be created and not just anime features but manga features can be produced.(3) The products also include background pictures for you to use.
    The product line didn't just develop the Cloth materials but the bodies, too. The first body type had the least articulation.(4) The 2nd body type added extra parts for more articulation in the neck, chest, wrist, thigh.(5) For a more natural articulation, a 3rd body type was created. Female body types were also created.(6)(7)
    There are also other products like stands, Appendix, Limited figures. With Tamashii Nation showing concept designs, fans are given hints of what possible products will come in the future.(8) (Bandai Asia also releases Gift Plates to go along with the CM.(9)
    On May 17, 2011, 2 new lines were announced, Ex and Crown. Cloth Ex(10) are figures that are the next generation of figures with better articulation and comes with effect parts. A 4th body type was developed for this line. A separately sold stand can create a better Finish Blow posing. Cloth Crown[c:Imperial Class] is a 1/6 scale(30cm) figure with better articulation and detailing. Both lines comes with different facial expressions included.
    For the original Cloth Myth line, a 2nd female body was developed for female characters, starting from Shaina on.

Cloth Ex

    Like the original CM line, there will be diecast and plastic Cloth pieces but this time the emphasis is on the articulation where the figure with Cloth can move freely, even the cloak have some articulation.(23)

Soul of Gold

Gold Saint

Bronze Saint



Ex Accessories

   Display Stage


   Display Stage

    Peg Seiya+Sag Aiolos Effect Parts Set     Gemini Kanon     Ikki+Shaka Effect Part Set

  Leo Aiolia OCE

    Pegasus Seiya New Cloth OCE     Scorpion Milo OCE

    Aries Mu OCE

    Pegasus Seiya New Cloth Gold Ver.

    Virgo Shaka OCE

    Siren Sorrento

Cloth Crown

    These figures are 1/6 scale, around 30 cm tall. It has better articulation better detailing and better armor fit than the original Cloth Myth line. It also comes with a stand which can be used for either object or figure.

Cloth Myth

Bronze Saint

Silver Saint

    If not for the OVA, intead of the Specters, Silver Saints CM would have been the 3rd line released after first New Bronze, Gold CM.

Gold Saint

God Warrior

    Except for Seiya and Bud, each God Warrior includes an emblem for the stand, Odin Sapphire with small stand and sticker.

Marina Specter

    For the Gold Saints, their object designs are toy originals.


Lost Canvas


Limited[: Gentei]

    The first limited product was supposed to be the Pegasus Seiya from the Overture Movie end credits, but it changed to Pope Shion. The conditions to get these products in Japan may vary from collecting stamps from CM or other Seiya-related products, finding them in Tamashii Nation events, Magazine limited application purchases or Webstores only purchases. Some products though limited in Japan, have general releases in foreign markets. Please be advised that price range may vary on actual collectabiliy and amount of figures that were actually produced. (Recently, Bandai Asia and other regions outside of Japan has allowed people in that region to order limited products but the price range is still very high.)




    The idea for the Appendix line came from a customer who wanted different facial expressions(the initial products had only one head with no alternate faces). The creators themselves saw toy bust products sold in a  convenience store and decided to make the product line a half body product that includes Cloth made in plastic, with extra pieces of Cloth gear for more flexibility or other accessories. However, fans speculate that this line was created to compensate for the poor quality of CM initial products.(At the time, other toy lines for other animes had similar poor quality.)(19)

Other Related Products Notes & Trivia

1. His best 3 selection is: Gemini Cloth, Alpha God Robe and Scylla Scale.
2. His best 3 selection is: Pegasus God Cloth, Scylla Scale and Thanatos+Hypnos Surplice.
3. Extra parts can be punches or hands, or extensions to make certain body parts longer. Extra faces or hair extensions. Extra accessories can be extra clothes like mantles or robes and other items that the figure can wear.
4. There was a special Alebaran body type.
5. There was a special Ban body type.
6. The Saori body type and any future products is a modiflied type after the first female body type.
7. There's a transparent body type used in Tamashii Event.
8. The Greek writing on the boxes are codes to hint at future releases.
9. The plate should be a free gift, but many shops in HK charge you a small price or you can treat it as a minor discount for not wanting the plate.
10. A fake Miho figure exists.
11. A fake Shunrei figure exists.
12. A fake Eurydice in Stone exists.
13. Object form not correct, need Appendix to create correct shoulder guard to wings.
14. For some reason, on the box, Odin is spelled, "ODEN".
15. Taiwan release came with a free poster.
16. Bandai invented product. In the manga, the Poseidon Scale is mostly colored orange. Bandai says it is more based on the Complete Edition Diagram Colors.
17. According to store owners, more figures were actually produced, decreasing the actual collectability. And though the figure is supposed to use 24K Gold, some question if this is true.
18. If you bought Bronze Seiya, with the serial number of the Discount Ticket, you can get 1000 yen off on the price.
19. After the product quality improved, fans also speculate that the Appendix and OCE line was created to make more money.
20. Shiryu's back has the Dragon image.
21. Ex is from the word Exclamation.
22. Comes with extra face to create glasses eye cover
23. Some of the bad QC for this line made some fans quite angry
24. Almost every product out there, there is an issue of lack of coloring on the headgear.
25. The first pics of the normal edition had the Cloth pieces look Gold Color, it was a mislead.
26. Bandai made the mistake of not including broken feet parts.


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