Saint Seiya is successful not just because of the excellent animation quality but also the back ground music and theme songs. There are 8 Soundtracks, 9 if you count Hades Concept album, 6 singles, 7 Song albums, and a Piano arrangement album. Over the years CD boxes have been released containing various tracks of the many CDs.

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Original Soundtracks & Concept Album

    Seiji Yokoyama was the music director for the music of the TV series and the movies but he also wrote music for Hades Chapter which at that time was not animated yet. Poseidon Chapter for instance had only 15 episodes, normally a veteran like Seiji would not write music for such a small series but because he loved working on Saint Seiya, he continued. There were 8 Original Soundtracks[yW: Ongaku Shuu: Music Collection] and one concept album released.
    All the music Seiji wrote were performed by Andromeda Harmonic Orchestra. A lot of the music that was recorded for the movies were re-used during the TV series.
    For the TV series and movies, there were 7 recording sessions total for all the music. The first session was recorded on Sept. 16-17th, 1986, for Galaxian Wars, Dark, Struggle for Gold Cloth and Silver Chapters. Most of the music can be found in Soundtrack I. Some of music can be found in Soundtrack III.
    The second session was recorded on May 25-26th, 1987, for Movie 1 and Gold Chapter soundtracks. The two scores were recorded one after another. Most the music can be found in Soundtrack II, III. Some of music can be found in Soundtrack IV.
    The next 4 sessions were all recorded in the same year, 1988. The third session was recorded on Feb. 24th for Movie 2 soundtrack. The fourth session was recorded on Mar. 31st for Asgard Series music. July 1st was the fifth session for Movie 3 soundtrack and the sixth session was on Oct. 13th for Poseidon soundtrack. Most of the music for Movie 2, Movie 3, Asgard Series and Poseidon Series can be found in Soundtracks IV, V, VI, and VII, respectively. Some of the Asgard and Movie 3 music can be found in Soundtrack VIII.
    For movie 4, the music was recorded on the last session on Feb 20th, 1989. Most of the music can be found in Soundtrack VIII.
    The Hades Album[nf[X:Meiou Hadde-su Hen: Underworld King Hades Chapter] when it was first released was a concept album[C[W@Ao: Ime-ji Arubamu: Image Album]. Although at the time they did receive news that the Hades OVA might happen, on the last song, Masami said good bye to Seiya. The whole Album was recorded on Oct. 12-13th, 1990. Because the music was used for Hades OVA, for the Eternal Edition, this is the only album that gets the title "Image Soundtrack Album." A soundtrack for an anime you can hear 12 years before its production!!

Hades Chapter OVA

    Yasuno Satou was the one who selected the BGMs for the TV Series. He returned to work on the OVAs and one of the few people who was not replaced, so he worked on all 5 productions of anime adapted from the original manga! He chose music from the 7 recording sessions recorded for the TV Series and Movies, Hades Concept Album, and Heaven Chapter soundtrack for the OVA BGMs.
    Seiji Yokoyama already wrote most of the music in Hades Chapter Concept Album but for the track "Pandora's Box", it was newly recorded for the OVA. Previously the harp music for Movie 1, was reused for Mime's music for Asgard Series. This time for Orphee's harp music new music was written to match his Lyre playing and the one who actually played the harp was the Inferno OVA director Tomoharu Katumata's daughter, a pro harpist! In the Mook, Pia, it is revealed the Harp music played by Pandora in Hades Sanctuary was also played Katumata's daughter!!

Overture Movie

    Released on Mar. 17th, 2004 was the Original Soundtrack of the Overture movie. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the score. In Seiya History TV show, he stated that he actually wrote another score for a foreign release outside of Japan. It is not clear if that score was ever used. The album also includes "Never" by Make-Up returning since the TV Series production.

Lost Canvas OVA

    The music for the OVA was written by Kaoru Wada and the BGM selection by Maiko Aida. The Original Soundtrack was released on Sept. 25th, 2009.


    The music for the show was written by Toshihiko Sahashi and the BGM selection by Makiko Mehara. The Original Soundtrack will be released on Aug. 22th, 2012.


Original TV Series

    While the TV series was airing, Nippon Colombia(9) released 5 singles and 3 Song Albums titled, Hits[qbgȏW: Hitto Kyokushuu: Hit music collection] . Some of the songs besides the Opening Song and Ending songs were used in the episodes.
    The TV series had 2 OP Songs and 2 ED Songs. For Episodes 1-73, the OP was Pegasus Fantasy[yKTXz: Pegasasu Gensou] and the ED was Blue Forever[iu[: Eien Buru-: Forever Blue]. Both songs were produced by band, MAKE-UP. The two songs can be found in Hits I.
    For Episodes 74-114, the OP was Soldier Dream[m_b \W[@h: Seitoushi Shinwa Soruja- Dorimu: Sacred Fighter Mythology Soldier Dream]. The ED was Blue Dream[l: Yume Tabibito: Dream Traveler]. Both songs were sung by Hironobu Kageyama. The two songs can be found in Hits III.
    The Hades Chapter concept Album also didn't just have the music for the Hades mangamanga/future anime, but 2 songs which many fans consider possible Opening and Ending songs for a possible anime.

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The Songs used in TV Series, the first 3 Songs can be found in Hits I, and the last 3 in Hits  II:

Hits II featured theme songs for each of the characters: 1996 Concept Album

    To answer Seiya fans devoted-support to Seiya, on Mar. 20th 1996, a concept album CD 1996 Song Collection was released. Not only does it have new versions of Pegasus Fantasy and Blue Forever but 8 new songs recorded. Make-up was the band that performed and wrote the songs. They were formed in 1983 but after working on Seiya songs and helping on the soundtracks, they broke up in 1986. This CD was their resurrection CD.

The Complete Song Collection

    Released on Nov. 21st, 2002, was the 3 CD set of all the songs from previous Albums.  Even the coupling song with the Movie 3 Theme Song Single, "Can't see Hurricane" and the Pegasus Fantasy sung by the original voice actor of Seiya are included. There are 48 songs total.

Hades Chapter OVA

For the Hades Sanctuary OVA, a Grand Opening would open the OVA and an Grand Closing would close the OVA. The Grand Opening had the Video Size of Globe[n: Chikyuugi] by Yumi Matuzawa and TV Size of Pegasus Fantasy[yKTXz] by Make-Up with new sound effects! The Grand Closing had the TV Size of Blue Forever[iu[] and the Video Size of The Same Blue Sky with You[NƓ‹:Kimi to Onaji Aosora](2)
    The opening song of Underworld and Elysion OVA used the song, Pegasus Forever[_̐m: Megami no Senshi: Warrior of the Goddess] by Marina Del Ray.(3) For the closing songs, Underworld OVA used My Dear[҂: Takusu Mono e: To Entrusted One] by Yumi Matuzawa and Elysion OVA used Del Regno(4)[_̉: Kami no Zono: Gods' Garden] by Yuuko Ishibashi.
    Hades Sanctuary and Underworld OVA each released a theme song single. The closing song for Elysion OVA, however, can be found in the CD titled, Saint Seiya The Hades[@n?fXҁ@XyV@Ao: Meiou Ha-desu Hen Supeahru Arubamu: Underworld King Hades Chapter Special Album]. The album includes new songs recorded at the time.
    All the theme songs(except for Del Regno) and theme songs from Hits II+III, Movie 3+Overture, Hades Concept Album can be found in the CD titled, Thema Song&Best Album.

Overture Movie

The Overture album also "Never" by Make-Up returning since the TV Series production.

Lost Canvas OVA

    The Opening Song for the OVA is The Realm of Athena by Eurox and the Closing Song is Flower Chain[Ԃ̍: Hana no Kusari] by Maki Namanai with Marina Del Ray. A theme song single was released on Jul. 25th, 2009.(5)
    A Special Vocal Live and CD will be produced. The songs will be sung by the Seiyuu who voiced the LC characters. The Live will be held on Aug. 7th, 2011 and the CD will be released on Aug. 10, 2011.


    The opening song is a renewed version for the show, Pegasus Fantasy sung by Make-Up(Nob) featuring Shoko Nakakawa. For 12 Palaces Arc, a New song will be used called, Next Generation[V_b: Shinsei Shinwa: New Star Mythology] performed by 5[[gEt@Cu: Root 5].


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    Memorial CD Box was released on Mar. 21st, 1991 as a memorial album but also featured new material. Disk 1 and 2 had a selection of music from the Soundtracks. Disk 3 had a collection of the Hit songs. Disk 4 and 5 had new material: famous scenes[: Meibamen] of the TV series were recorded and presented as Drama tracks.
    Disk 5 also had other material, a version of Pegasus Fantasy sung by the original voice actor of Seiya, Touru Furuya. Previously not released music from the recording sessions were put into one big track called, Bridge Collection[ubW@RNV: Burijji Korekushon]. A collection of the Sound effects from the show was put in one track called, SE Collection, and finally, the last tracks were half karaoke versions of 2 OP and 2 ED songs.
    Special cards were included but when it was sold outside Japan, those cards were taken out and replaced by a soft fabric.

The Gold Collection

    Released on Dec. 20th 1997, was the CD Box set of songs and music chosen by Masami himself. He listened to the 16 albums and chose which tracks to put in the Box set. The booklet had great info where it provided all the information of the albums, singles and other music products up till that time. Postcards was included in the box.
    Disk 1 and 2 contained best songs. Disk 3 contained Soundtrack I, II, III, IV music. Disk 4 contained V, VI, VII, VIII music. And, Disk 5 contained Piano Fantasia, Hades Album, CD 1997 music and drama tracks.

Eternal Edition

    Like other classic animes, Saint Seiya music was featured in the Eternal Edition series. Starting from Mar. 2003, a collection of 10 CDs containing music from previous albums and previously not released materals(6) were released. There are 10 Files sold in five 2-CD sets. The booklets themselves contain music info and also discusses Saint Seiya related topics.
    Files 1&2 contains music mainly for Galaxian Wars, Dark, Struggle for Gold Cloth and Silver Chapters. File 3&4 contains music mainly for Movie 1 and Gold Chapter. Files 5&6 contain music mainly for Movie 2, 3 and Asgard Series.(7) Files 7&8 contain music mainly for Poseidon Series and music from Piano Fantasia Album. Files 9&10 contain music mainly for Movie 4 and Hades Album.
    In Jul. 30th, 2008 an Eternal CD-Box set was released with all the material in the Eternal Edition and the material from Complete Song Collection.

Notes & Trivia

1. The company's other name is Columbia Music Entertainment.
2. At one point in the production, they considered using Soldier Dream to create a opening like Asgard/Poseidon OP with Specters replacing the God Warriors/Marina, however, this idea was dropped.
3. Marina Del Ray is fan of Masami Kurumada's manga, of course Saint Seiya, too.
4. Del Regno means 'Of The Realm' in Italian language.
5. An acoustic version of the ED song can be found in the single, While There is Light[邤: Hikari Aru Uchi ni].
6. The material included music recorded back in the original recording but never released before, and off vocal versions, different sizes, and instrumental versions of the songs. The collection is not a complete collection! Some materials were purposely withheld for a future release. Some original master tapes are lost.
7. Because some master tapes were lost, it doesn't have the whole recording of movie 3 score.