Saint Seiya Musicals


    Held in Aoyama Theater from Aug. 15th to Sept. 1st, 1991, was the Super Musical produced by Bandai and Asahi TV, sponsored by Fujiya. Based on the Poseidon chapter, the script was written by Shaka's voice actor. The characters were mostly played by male idols from Johnnys Jr, namely, SMAP and TOKIO.

    The main characters that appeared in the musical were Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Poseidon/Julian Solo, Mu, Shaka, Milo, Aldebaran, Kaysa, Athena, Kanon, Sorrento, Teyths, Shunrei, Tatsumi, Kiki, and Roshi(1). The recording of the musical  was never released on a video or audio product. The only way to watch it was when the musical was aired on cable. Recently, in one of SMAP's programs, segments of the musical was shown.(2)


    On May 16, 2011 began the production of a new Super Musical based on the first movie, "Evil God, Eris". The musical will be held at Hall Space Zero on Jul. 28-31, 2011. The musical will also be live-streamed at "Nico Nico Live".

    The script was written by Hideki Mitsui and the choreographer was Shinnosuke Motoyama. The one main difference between the movie and the musical is Elli is not a nanny at the orphanage but a girl that sells flowers.

    The DVD will come out on Nov. 21st, 2011. There's a bonus disk that may contain the making and press conference. For the First Print DVDs, there will be a booklet included.

Notes & Trivia

1. An actor actually wore a Roshi costume and the voice actually belonged to the voice actor of Shaka.
2. One of the most funny Saint Seiya stuff you will ever see!!