The Original TV Series aired in Japan every Saturday at 7:00pm-7:30pm from Oct. 11th, 1986 to April 1st, 1989 on TV Asahi Network[テレビ朝日系: Terebi Asahi Kei]. The TV series all together had 114 episodes separated into 3 Chapters, The Sancuary Chapter, The Asgard Chapter(1), and The Poseidon Chapter.
    Along with the TV Series, movies were also produced by Toei Animation(2), but in a fashion that mostly don't really fit in the TV timeline but certain movies happen after certain events. The 4 Movies were released on 4 VHS tapes and later 4 LDs.(In 2004, the 4 movies were re-released in one DVD box set.)
    Ever since the manga and the TV show ended, fans around the world wanted the animation to continue. Back in the 90s, there was a plan to continue Seiya in OVA form.(3) The title was, Modern Myth[現代神話: Gendai Shinwa], but at the time the OVA market was low, all plans were cancelled.(4)
    Between the years 1992 to 1995, the original producer of the TV Series, Yoshifumi Hatano, wanted to resurrect Seiya as TV Series or OVA, but he died in 95.
    Finally in 2002, because of the success of Ring Ni Kakero 2 and good sales of Saint Seiya publications, Saint Seiya Anime resurrected in OVA form.(5) Picking up where the TV Series left off, The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary[冥王ハーデス十二宮編: Meiou Ha-desu Jyuunikyuu Hen: Underworld King Hades 12 Palaces Chapter] was produced.
    With the success of the OVA, a Saint Seiya movie was produced, in 2004, Heaven Chapter[天界編序奏]-Overture- was released, a movie set after the Hades Chapter story.
    Between 2005-2008, the Hades Chapter OVAs continued. The Hades Chapter - Inferno, Precede Chapter[冥王ハーデス 冥界編 前章: Meikai Hen Zenshou: Underworld Chapter Preceding Chapter], The Hades Chapter - Inferno, Succeed Chapter[冥王ハーデス 冥界編 後章:Meikai Hen Koushou: Underworld Chapter Succeeding Chapter] and The Hades Chapter - Elysion[冥王ハーデス エリシオン編: Erishion Hen: Elysion Chapter] were produced.
    In 2009, with the popularity of The Lost Canvas manga, OVAs were produced and released in DVD and Blu-ray format. Season 1 DVDs were released in 2009-2010. The second season was released from Feb - Jul., 2011. On Dec. 18, 2010, Masami's Blog released an image which actually belongs to a teaser produced by Toei. The teaser hints at a movie production for 2011 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Saint Seiya Anime. However it was delayed until 2012. Also, a new anime TV Series will air in Japan on Apr 1st, 2012, called, Saint Seiya Omega.

TV Series

Saint Seiya

    Main Article:  Saint Seiya(Original TV Series)

Saint Seiya Omega

  On April 1st, 2012, a new Saint Seiya series will air in Japan, called, Saint Seiya Omega[聖闘士星矢Ω][41] at 6:30 am on TV Asahi Network every Sunday. This new anime is an original story produced by Toei Animation, set in the future 10 and a few years later. The Series director is Morio Hatano[38]. The character designer and main animation director is Yoshihiko Umakoshi. The series organizer(writer) is Reiko Yoshida. The producers are Tomoharu Matsuhisa(TV Asahi) and Gou Wakabayashi(Toei).

    The main hero of the anime is the Pegasus Saint Kouga. Along with his companions, he will face Mars. Mars wear the protection called Galaxy[銀河衣:Ginga I: Galaxy/Milky Way Cloth] and his fighters are called Martian[火星士:Mars/Fire Star Warrior]. Original characters like Saori and Seiya will appear on the show as adults. In fact, Seiya will show up as a Gold Saint!! This show will be produced with the intention that it will appeal to boys and girls.

The first 4 episodes will be sold on DVD/BD Volume 1 on Aug 24th, 2012 with Special features:

The rental begins Aug. 10th, 2012.


Ep. 1-27 Beginning Arc[40]
Aired Date: 2012 4/1-10/7

    10 and a few years in the future, a new era of Saints begins! A boy named Kouga protected and raised by Saori realizes his fate to be a Pegasus Saint. To get back Saori/Athena from the clutches of Mars, he travels to Palaestra for his training. There, he meets great companions, Bronze Saints, Soma, Yuna, Ryuuho and Haruto. A Saint Fight is held to determine who will gain the rank of Silver but it is interrupted by the arrival of a fake Athena, Aria! Mars destroys the earth by sucking its Cosmo! Realizing Aria is the key to saving our world, Kouga and others are determined to protect her from the Martians and Saints following Mars. They travel to the elemental ruins and retrieve the element core/crystals. At the end of the arc, Mars throws a spear into Aria and she falls to darkness!!

Ep 28~ 12 Palaces Arc[十二宮編]
Air Date: 2012 10/14~

    With the original Sanctuary destroyed, a new 12 Palaces has been created! Mars gathers the Gold Saints to protect them. A new battle begins!

Points of Interest:


Saint Seiya the Movie[聖闘士星矢 劇場版: Seitoushi Seiya Gekijyou Ban: Sacred Fighter Seiya Movie Version]


    Movie 1 was released on July 18th, 1987, a 45 min. movie as a part of Toei Manga Maturi[東映まんがまつり] along with 1 other Anime movie and 2 Robot Team[戦隊: Sentai: Battle Team] movies. At the time, the title of the movie was just "Saint Seiya[聖闘士星矢]." (For the DVD release it was Masami's idea to give a subtitle to the movie, 'Evil God Eris[邪神エリス:Jashin Erisu].' Masami designed the possible Silver Cloths and characters.  The script was written by Yoshiyuki Suga. Character Design by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno. The producers were Yoshibumi Hatano and Masayoshi Kawata. The director was Kouzou Morishita. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the soundtrack. This movie can happen after Sanctuary Chapter.


    Comet Lepreus[彗星レパルス: Suisei Reparusu](6) has returned and it delivers a Golden Apple to descend to the ground. A girl by the name of Elly[絵梨衣, エリイ: Erii] finds it and ends up possessed by the Spirit of Eris imprisioned there by Athena. The Goddess of Discord resurrects the desceased Saints as Ghost[亡霊: Bourei] Saints. She also abducts Athena so she can use the Golden Apple to suck out her energy to resurrect fully. The Bronze have to defeat the Ghost Five and save Athena before Eris resurrects all the dead Saints bringing about disaster and disorder to the world!!

Points of interest

A lot the key points in the movie are a precursor to what happens in the Hades manga:

The Heated War of the Gods[神々の熱き戦い: Kamigami no Atuki Tatakai]


    Movie 2 was released on March 12th, 1988 as part of Toei Manga Maturi[東映まんがまつり], a 45 min. movie along with 2 anime movies and one Kamen Rider movie. Masami designed the characters for the movie. The script was written by Yoshiyuki Suga. Character Design by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno. The director of this movie was Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the soundtrack. This movie can happen after Sanctuary Chapter.


    An Asegard(7) warrior is saved by Hyoga. The Cygnus Saint goes to investigates what is happening in Asegard but ends up missing. Saori and the boys travel there to find Hyoga but Saori's Will ends up trapped in another dimension by the Founder[教主: Kyoushu: Founder of a Religion] Derbal. He wants to rule over Sanctuary and then the world. After a series of battles with the God Warriors(One of them hides a secret idenity.) With the help of Frey, the Bronze are able to defeat Derbal and free Athena.

Points of interest

The Legend of Crimson Boys[真紅の少年伝説: Shinku no Shounen Densetu]


    Movie 3, a 75 min. feature, was released on July 23rd, 1988, along with one other anime movie. Kouzou Morishita was appointed producer. Masami Kurumada came up with the original ideas. The script was written by Yoshiyuki Suga. Character Design by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno. The director was Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the soundtrack. This movie can happen after Poseidon Chapter, however in the Heaven Chapter Pamphlet, it says this movie can be considered a Sequel following 12 Palaces Battle[十二宮の戦いの後日談: Jyuunikyuu no tatakai no gojitudan] and Shiryu is not blind.(8)


    Zeus's son, Phoebus Abel has returned with Corona[コロナ: Korona] Saints. He has resurrected the deceased Gold Saints as well! Abel will use his power to bring about the destruction of man and give back the control of the land to the Gods. Surprisingly, Athena agrees with this and follows Abel to his Corona Temple[太陽神殿: Taiyou Shinden: Sun Temple]. In truth, Athena was only waiting for the right chance to kill Abel but she ends up killed instead. The Bronze boys travels to Corona Temple to save Athena whose Spirit is slowly walking to the opening of hell. The boys must fight former enemies they defeated, the most powerful Corona Saints and Abel to save Athena!!

Points of interest

Many key points in the movie are a precursor to what happens in the manga:

Warriors of the Last Holy War[最終聖戦の戦士たち: Saishuu Seisen no Senshi Tachi]


    Movie 4 was released on Mar. 18th, 1989, a 45 min. movie as part of Toei Manga Maturi[東映まんがまつり] along with 2 other Anime movies and 1 Robot Team[戦隊: Sentai: Battle Team] movie. Masayuki Akehi was appointed the director. Because Shingo Araki was too busy with  the TV series work, the Character Designer was Seibaku Naoi. Yoshiyuki Suga wrote the script. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the soundtrack. This movie can happen after Poseidon Chapter and Movie 3, but Poseidon's Spirit actually never went to hell. He was sealed in Athena's Jar.(10) Shiryu is not blind again.(11)


    Because the Cosmos of Eris, Abel and Poseidon, Lucifer has resurrected with his Devil Angels[聖魔天使: Sei Ma Tenshi: Sacred Demon Angels]. The 3 Gods bring diasters and killings to the whole world. Athena is willing to sacrifice herself if Lucifer makes them stop, but the boys will never let that happen! In fact, Athena's blood will help the 3 Gods give birth to a 3 new bodies and give Lucifer a stronger Cosmo, making him invincible! With the help of the 12 Gold Cosmos, Lucifer is defeated and Eris, Abel and Poseidon are dragged along to hell with him.

Points of interest

Anime Comics

    The 4 anime comics presents the 4 movies in full color manga form with dialgoue and sound effects. There is also an info column, character and concept descriptions for each volume.

Heaven Chapter[天界編序奏] Overture


   In 2003, Toei approached Masami to do a Saint Seiya movie and Masami's suggestion was to make the Heaven Chapter. Though he wanted to draw the chapter himself, in this new era, he felt there are many ways in the media to release a manga story like that. The original plan was 3 movies total to be produced.
    Story treatment was created by Masami. The scripts based on the treatment was written by Michiko Yokote but she became ill and Akatuki Yamatoya continued writing scripts in her stead.(12) There were 11 drafts total for the scripts.(13)
    Shigeyasu Yamauchi was hired to be the director and he directed the movie in a way where he hopes the audience would figure out the hints of the movie. The voice actors of Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Saori, Shaina, and Marin returned to voice their characters again.(14)
    To promote the movie, Masami drew an Introduction Manga with participation from Toei Production for the movie before the release. It was published in Super Jump, April Issue, prior to the release of the movie. The full length feature was released on Feb. 14, 2004.
    Because the production diverged from Masami's vision, no follow up movies to this one have been produced.(15)


    After the Hades Holy War, Seiya is inactive from the curse of the Underworld King. Athena's elder sister, Goddess of the Moon, Artemis, sents 3 Angels[天闘士] to kill Seiya but Saori/Athena stops them. Artemis herself descends and strike an agreement with Athena to spare the lives of the Saints while Athena goes with Artemis to retrieve her true divine self.
    Seiya finally wakes and goes to Sanctuary to find it has been changed to the realm of Artemis'. He wants to fight but the curse of Hades prevents him from using his Cosmo fully. Joined with other boys they confronted the Angels. They are no match to the awesome powers of the Angels but with the encouagement of the Gold Saints' Spirits and their own fighting spirit, they finally defeat 2 of them.
    The movie reveals that the surviving Angel, Ikaros is actually Marin's missing little brother she went to Sanctuary to find, Touma(the same man in the Introduction manga). By Saori's help, Seiya's Cosmo is free. At the end of the movie, Apollon descends and confronts Seiya and Athena.

Points of interest

The Movie Box DVD/Blu-ray

    Released in August 2004 was the DVD box set of all 4 movies. New covers were drawn by Shingo and Michi. The limited Edition came with a Saint Cloth Series figure, Sagittarius Seiya. The special features of the DVDs were trailers and no credits OP, ED. The booklet has good production info. A Blu-ray Box of all 5 movies was released on Nov, 21st, 2011.(38) The Special features will include a talk and interview with the voice actors of Seiya and Saori with Director Yamauchi and 25th Special Promo materials.

Saint Seiya The Movie 

   Masami's Blog and Toei's website originally hinted at a CG movie released for 2011 but it was delayed to 2012. The director of the movie is Keiichi Satou. The script writer is Chihiro Suzuki. The intention of the production is to 'return to what was interesting in the original' productions. "Saint Seiya The Movie"[聖闘士星矢 SAINT SEIYA(仮)] may be just a temporary title for the time being.


Hades Chapter - Sanctuary[十二宮編]

    Kouzou Morishita, the inital director of the TV Series appointed Hiroyuki Sakurada as producer for the OVA in 2002. In August, meetings were held in Shueisha with those who were involved in realizing the OVA. They were, manga publisher: Shueisha, animation studio: Toei Animation, cable broadcaster: Sky Perfect TV!, DVD vendor: Bandai Visual, and adviser: Sinkpot.
    It was decided that 13 episodes would be produced and the content consists of the battle that starts in 12 Palaces and would end at the collaspe of Hades Castle. Michiko Yokote was appointed script writer. Initially Yokote wrote the scripts very faithfully to the manga but by Masami's advise, she rewrote the scripts to be more original. Because of the high quality of movie 2 and 3, Shigeyasu Yamauchi was appointed director of the OVA. Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno returned to be Character Designers.
    The original voice actors of Seiya(17), Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Athena, Shaina, Roshi(18), Aldebaran, Death Mask, Aphrodite, Aiolia(19), and Shaka, all returned to voice their characters once again. New voice actors were cast for the characters which were voiced by the original voice actors who have retired or passed away or chose not to return.(20)
    Because the OVA produced did not contradict what happened in the TV Series, a Digest Episode was produced where it summarizes what happened in the TV Series. (This Digest Episode finally confirmed that Ares was killed by Saga 13 years ago and his corpse is on Star Hill, and Pope Shion was killed by Saga during the time of Galaxian Wars.)
    The OVA first aired on Cable, Sky Perfect TV! Animax Pay Per View(21) from Nov. 9th, 2002. Each of the broadcast would be presented with Seiya-TV hosted by the original voice actor of Seiya, Touru Furuya, to talk about the OVA and Seiya related topics.(22)
    Later, when the DVDs(23) were released, not only would the Digest Episode and the Seiya-TV show be special features in the DVDs but also the OVA itself would be presented in its entirety featuring deleted scenes not shown in the cable version.(24) Later in Dec of '03 a complete version[完全版] of OVA was available for Pay Per View.[39]
    A companion guide to the OVA, Shueisha Remix Hades Sanctuary Book, was released on August 2003.(25)

The Deleted Scenes of the cable broadcast(26) are:

The main differences between the OVA and the manga are: Hades Chapter - Inferno and Elysion[冥界前後編とエリシオン編]

    With the failure of the Heaven Chapter movie project, Masami focused his energy on the rest of the Hades OVA but another problem surfaced. He already had views that the original voice actors of the TV Series were too old to voice the characters in Hades Sanctuary OVA.. He suggested to re-cast but he was ignored.  He suggested it again to replace the voice actors in the Overture movie production, Touru Furuya values teamwork above all ignored him along with the production.
    In 2004, Masami already worked with new voice actors for Ring Ni Kakero 1 Anime. Again, he suggested to change voice actors for Inferno OVA, keep Touru Furuya as Seiya and the rest be all changed. But Touru did not want to do that. Finally, Touru left the production of Seiya OVAs.(33)
    In Super Jump Magazine that was sold in August 10th, 2005, it announced that the OVA would use new voice actors. (The voice actor of main character, Ryuuji of Ring ni Kakero 1 Anime is the same voice actor of Seiya for Underworld+Elysion OVAs.) The fans were in an uproar over this and started a campaign to voice their opposition to all parties involved. Masami's Manager, Masashi Yamaguchi had to release a statement on Masami's official website talking about the above issues, hoping fans would stop the campaign.
    The voice actors that did return since the TV series were Shaka, Aiolia(34), Aldebaran, Aiolos, Sorrento, and Julian Solo(35).
    For the OVA production, producer Hiroyuki Sakurada was replaced by Seiichi Washida(Underworld), and Kouhei Kohara(Elysion). Scriptwriter Michio Yokote was replaced by Yousuke Kuroda. Yousuke was very faithful to the manga and added only a few original scenes. The director Shigeyasu Yamauchi was replaced by Tomoharu Katumata. Araki Shingo and Michi Himeno were still the Character Designers but because Araki Shingo was retiring, most of the work was done by Michi. Most of the veteran anime staffers was replaced with new ones.
    The cable broadcaster was still Sky Perfect! TV Animax Pay Per View, 6 Episodes each for the production that started to air in Dec. of 2005(Underworld Precede), Dec. of 2006(Underworld Succeed), and Mar. of 2008(Elysion), but, the DVD vendor, Bandai Visual, was replaced by Avex Entertainment. The DVDs were sold in Feb. of 2006(Precede), Jan. of 2007(Succeed), and Mar. of 2008(Elysion). When Underworld OVA was broadcasted on cable, there were staff interviews(Precede) and Gold Saint files(Succeed) included. These became the DVD special features.
    Precede OVA dealt with the story from the collapse of Hades Castle in the manga and ends with Ikki vs. Aiacos mid fight. Succeed OVA picks up from the fight and ends with the Wailing Wall[嘆きの壁] broken. Elysion OVA picks up from the breaking of the Wall and ends the same way as the Hades Chapter manga does.
    The main difference between the Cable and DVD versions was a scene where Canon confronts Rhadamanthys. He launches Juggler Punch[幻朧拳: Genrou Ken] on him and was about to launch Juggler Devil Punch[幻朧魔皇拳] on him, too. This scene is in the DVD only.(36)

The main differences of the OVA and the manga are:

The Lost Canvas Hades Mythology[冥王神話]

Season 1

    With the popularity of the manga, TMS Entertainment secure the rights to create a 13 episode OVA released in DVD and Blu-ray every other month starting from Jun, 24th, 2009. The story covers from the beginning of the manga up until Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha leave Sanctuary heading to Hades Castle.
    Osamu Nabeshima was hired to be the director of the OVA production. Original TV Series writer, Yoshiyuki Suga, returned to write the scripts. Yuuko Iwasa was hired to be Character Designer and Main Animation Director. Well known voice actors of the present generation were hired to voice the characters to enhance the efforts of the production. Vap is the DVD vendor.
    Each DVD would have special features and Season 1 Special Feature is a Drama CD(37). The DVD booklets would have production info on the OVA.
    The OVA also was released in the theater for talk events. The 1st one was on Jun. 14th, 2009 had Ep. 1-2. The 2nd one was Oct 18th, 2009 had Ep. 3-6. The 3rd one was on Feb. 14th, 2010, had Ep. 7-10. The 4th one was on Apr. 11th had Ep. 11-13. The OVA is shown on Cable TV, Kids Stations starting from May 10th. Also, for a limited time, it is distributed for free on net service, GyaO!
    The official website provides not only news and info about the OVA but web radio broadcasts where the voice actors of Tenma, Alone, Dohko interview other voice actors and staff of the OVA.

The main differences between OVA and manga are:

Season 2

    Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off and ends right after the Hades Castle fight. There are 13 episodes. The DVD and Blue-ray were released every month starting from Feb. 23rd to Jul. 20th, 2011. There are special features for the Volumes: Concept Art, Commentary, Illustration Cards, Special Booklets, and other goods which are different for each Volume. If you buy all the first print Volumes, you will get stamps to sent in to get a calender. There was a talk event held on Feb 6th showing ep. 14+15.

Notes & Trivia

1. There are two other names for Asgard Chapter, Northern Europe Chapter[北欧編: Hokuou Hen] and Golden Ring Chapter[黄金指輪編: Ougon Yubiwa Hen]
2. Back in the 80's, Toei Animation was named in Japanese, 東映動画: Touei Douga, but now it is named, 東映アニメーション: Touei Anime-shon.
3. Original Video Animation. Back in the 90s, OVA were released in Video and LD format. Now a days, it is released in DVD. Hades Chapter OVA were released in Cable TV first and then DVD and VHS. LC OVA were released in Movie theater for Talk Events along side the DVD releases where some epsiodes got to viewed before the DVD release.
4. There are rumors that the production did go into pre-production. Official sources don't say to which level, but a proposal was made and Hades Image Album staff did hear that the production started.
5. The official sources say that the success of Ring ni Kakero 2 was one of the reasons why Seiya got the attention to resurrect, however, Ring ni Kakero 2 started in 2000 and it was really at the end of 2002 when Seiya resurrected. We can't ignore the fact that Jerome Alquie and his companions created Hades trailers and released them in 2001 and showed it to Shingo Araki. There are rumors that that Jerome participated in the Hades Chapter - Sanctuary production, neither Jerome nor the official production has acknowledge if this did or didn't happen.
6. Lepreus in Greek Myth is the son of Caucon and Astydameia. He challanged Hercales to a triple contest and duel. Heracles clubbed him to death. The Lepreans who worship Demeter have always being subjects of the land, Elis. The land Lepreus was founded by Leprea, the daughter of Pyrgeus. The first dwellers in the land were afflicted with the disease, leprosy.
7. Seiya actually spelled Asgard this way, Asegard.
8. In the movie, Shiryu goes to the Opening of the Underworld. This could be a hint that Shiryu was able to see again in the manga when he finally did go in Underworld.
9. Death Mask and Aphrodite were very eager to serve under Abel. In the Hades manga, Sion says all the Gold Saints did not betray Athena. Some fans question that idea concerning DM and Aphrodite.
10. Was this a small hint that Poseidon will be free again in the future? Or the movie staff didn't do good research? It is up the fans to decide.
11. This could be a hint that in future Chapters Shiryu might find a way to see again or the circumstances of the situation allows him to see again.
12. Many Masami's own ideas were ignored and not used by the production.
13. Changes were made to the scripts even at the Voice Acting recording stage.
14. Yuuji Nagata and Rumi Kazama, famous Japanese wrestlers and Masami's friends, did the voices of the Gods talking to the sealed spirits of the Gold Saints.
16. The official info says they will simulate a 5.1ch sound.
15. Masami actually wanted to make 3 more movies after Overture, 天界編本章:Tenkai Hen Honshou:Heaven Chapter True Chapter, 天帝編:Tentei Hen:Sky Emperor Chapter(or Zeus Chapter) and 時空クロノス編:Jiku Kuronosu Hen:Time-Space Chronos Chapter.
17. The original voice actor of Seiya, Touru Furuya, used alot of his energy to help make the OVA a success.
18. The voice actor for 18 year old Dohko is different than the one in the TV Series Asgard Series, the face is also different.
19. The original voice actor of Aiolia also voiced the narration for the TV Series. For the OVA production, he also voiced the narration of the Digest Episode and the narration for Myth of Resurrected Gold Saints[よみがえりし黄金聖闘士たちの神話: Yomigaerishi Ougon Seitoushi tachi no Shinwa] DVDs.
20. The original voice actor of Nachi of the TV Series voiced Shura in the OVA. The OVA voice actor for Ichi and Argor was the same and he actually voiced a pawn in the TV series.
21. You had to pay 800 yen to watch it.
22. The first broadcast had the Digest Episode and episodes 1+2, in the next 4 broadcasts, it had two episodes each, 3+4, ... , 9+10. The last broadcast had 3 episodes, 11+12+13.
23. For the limited edition DVDs, cellphone straps were included.
24. The DVD contents are: Vol 1: Digest + Ep 1; Vol 2-7: Seiya-TV+(2+3, ... , 12+13)
25. The Limited Edition came with 3 pictures and a Not for Sale Trading Card.
26. The previews for the next episodes of the Cable and DVD versions were also different.
27. The OVA staff actually joked this was a a Gokon[合コン:Group Date] scene!!
28. In the manga, Sirius' skills are unknown. Because in the OVA, Sirius is voiced by the pro wrestler Hiroyuki Takayama, a Masami's friend, Kurumada gave the name of the skill: Great Mountain Smasher.
29. In the original manga, in Silver Chapter, Hyoga actually defeated Babel very easily.
30. In the HK broadcast, the lines stayed true to the manga.
31. The OVA staff intended Ikki to show up in the fight but they ran out of time to animate that part.
32. In Inferno OVA, the scene of the 8 Senses is animated in its entirety.
33. For Masami, as long as there is Tooru Furuya as Seiya, Shingo Araki's Drawings and Seiji Yokoyama's music, the production would be a success.
34. He voiced the narration again.
35. The voice actor for Julian Solo also did the Poseidon voice in the OVA. In the TV series, the voice of the God(Poseidon) in the beginning of Asgard Series is actually a different voice actor than Julian Solo.
36. In Sanctaury OVA, Rhadamanthys' line where he fears the Gods' Blood on the Bronze Cloth was never said. In the Elysion OVA, Sylphide actually references that line, making a contradiction with the two productions.
37. Buy all the first print DVDs and collect all the application stamps for a future mail-in. The deadline for the mail-in is May 31st, 2010.
38. The official info says they will simulate a 5.1ch sound.
39. A Special Box Set Special Price DVD will be released in Jan 2013.
40. A production where there is a clear beginning and end is called a season but for a TV Series where there are no breaks, the break up of the production is called Cours(クール), the period of a production in about every 3 months. In the original TV Series, before the 12 Palaces Arc there were 3 Cours. For Omega, there are 2 Cours: Ep 1-13, Ep 14-27.
41. The 'Omega' is to mean 'Ultimate', 'Continuation'