Saint Seiya(TV Series)

    Back in the 80s, Katuji Murakami was the one in charge of toy development at Bandai[ƒoƒ“ƒ_ƒC]. He was made aware of the manga when one of the Department Heads,[1] Masaya Sasano told him about how his son is a fan of the manga. Bandai had talks with Toei Animation about being one of the sponsors of the anime based on the manga. In June of 1986, at Toei Animation, Yoshibumi Hatano took on the role as producer and started developmenting the anime for TV.
    Kouzou Morishita was hired as the Series Director. Shingo Araki was hired to be Conceptual Drawing Director and along with Michi Himeno,[2] they were hired to be Character Designers.[3] Takao Koyama was hired to be the Series Organizer. He along with Yoshiyuki Suga wrote most of the scripts for the show. Seiji Yokoyama was hired as Music Director. Masayoshi Kawata was the producer for TV Asahi.
    Although the general plot was the same as the manga, the anime did not follow straight-forwardly from it. Because the anime needed to allow the manga to have some breathing room away from the anime, so, original episodes and original arcs were produced to be made as time fillers. The TV staff would create these original characters and stories. The show writers also wrote 3 Outside stories to complement the TV series. They were published in the 3 Anime Specials[ƒAƒjƒ@ƒXƒyƒVƒƒƒ‹: Anime Supesharu] which are companion guides to the series.
    When the episodes were released on VHS tapes, for Sanctuary Chapter, Toei Animation took out some original episodes for a separate release, in order to watch all 73 Episodes, you have to buy the 12 Sanctuary Chapter[¹ˆæ\“ñ‹{•Ò: Seiiki@Jyuunikyuu Hen: Sanctuary 12 Palaces Chapter] tapes and the 3 Sanctuary Extra Chapter[\“ñ‹{”ÔŠO•Ò: Jyuunikyuu Bangai Hen] tapes.[4] The Asgard Chapter[ƒAƒXƒKƒ‹ƒh•Ò: Asugarudo Hen] was released on 7 tapes[5] and Poseidon Chapter[ƒ|ƒZƒCƒhƒ“•Ò: Poseidon Hen][6] was released on 3 Tapes.[7] (In 2002-2003, the whole series was finally re-released on DVD.[14])

Story&Differences with Manga

Sanctuary Chapter[¹ˆæ\“ñ‹{•Ò: Seiiki@Jyuunikyuu Hen: Sanctuary 12 Palaces Chapter]

Episodes: 1-73
Aired Date: 1986 10/11 - 1988 4/16
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 1-12, Sanctuary Extra Chapter 1-3
DVD: Pegasus, Dragon, Andromeda, Cygnus Box
BD: Box I, II

Galaxian Wars Arc[‹â‰Íí‘ˆ•Ò: Ginga Sensou Hen: Milky Way Wars Chapter]
Episodes: 1-8
Aired Date: 1986 10/11 - 1986 12/6
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 1-2
DVD: Pegasus Box
BD: Box 1

The main differences between the Anime and manga are:

Dark Saints Arc[ˆÃ•¹“¬Žm•Ò: Ankoku Sei Toushi Hen : Dark Sacred Fighter Chapter]
Episodes: 9-15
Aired Date: 1986 12/13 - 1987 1/31
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 2-3
DVD: Pegasus Box
BD: Box 1

The main differences between the Anime and manga are:

Struggle for Gold Cloth Arc[‰©‹à¹ˆß‘ˆ’D•Ò: Ougon Seii Soudatu Hen](8)
Episodes: 16-22
Aired Date: 1987 2/7 - 1987 3/21
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 3, Sanctuary Extra Chapter Up(ã) Ep. 17-20, Middle(’†) Ep. 21-22
DVD: Pegasus Box
BD: Box 1

    The Pope has suddenly died and Ares has become the new Pope. Ares only recognizes the Greek race and no other. He commands his own Private[Ž„•º: Shihei] Saints to retrieve all the Gold Cloth pieces. Except for the head piece, the rest of the Gold Cloth parts are taken into Sanctuary. Docrates, Geist and the Ghost[—H—ì: Yuurei: Apparition] Saints attempt to take the head piece from the Bronze but they fail. With the brainwashing of Hyoga's Master, Crystal Saint[…»¹“¬Žm:Suishou Seitoushi], Hyoga had to confront his own master. At the end of the arc, Ikki returns to fend off Gigas and Fiery Saint[‰Š”M¹“¬Žm: Ennetu Seitoushi].

The other main differences between the Anime and manga are:

Silver Saints Arc[”’‹â¹“¬Žm•Ò: Hakugin Sei Toushi Hen : Silver Sacred Fighter Chapter]
Episodes: 23-35
Aired Date: 1987 3/28 - 1987 6/27
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 4-5, Sanctuary Extra Chapter Middle(’†) Ep. 26, 32, Down(‰º) Ep. 33-34
DVD: Pegasus, Dragon Box(10)
BD: Box 1

The main differences between the Anime and manga are:

12 Palaces Arc[\“ñ‹{•Ò: Jyuunikyuu Hen: 12 Palaces Chapter]
Episodes: 36-73
Aired Date: 1987 7/4 - 1988 4/16
VHS: Sanctuary Chapter 6-12, Sanctuary Extra Chapter Down(‰º) Ep. 54-55
DVD: Dragon, Andromeda, Cygnus Box
BD: Box 1, 2

The main differences between the Anime and manga are:

Asgard Chapter[ƒAƒXƒKƒ‹ƒh•Ò: Asugarudo Hen]

Episodes: 74-99
Aired Date: 1988 4/23 - 1988 11/12
VHS: Asgard Series 1-7
DVD: Cygnus Box, Phoenix Box
BD: Box 2

    Before the end of Sanctuary Chapter, Poseidon puts a Nibelung Ring on Hilda, the Earth Representative[’nã‘ãsŽÒ: Chijyou Daikousha] of Odin. Instead of doing her duty for Odin, she awakens the 7(8 really) armors, called, God Robe[_“¬ˆß: Shin Tou I: God Fight Cloth] for her warriors, called, God Warrior[_“¬Žm: Shin Toushi: God Fighter]. Athena instead takes Hilda's duty to perserve the ice caps from melting so the world won't be flooded. The Bronze must defeat all 7 Gold Warriors take their Odin Sapphires in the God Robes and awaken the Balmung Sword. With this Sword(from Odin Robe), they can release Hilda from the curse of the Ring. At the end of  the arc, Hilda regains her freedom but Saori is abducted by Posiedon!! (The differences that resulted from adding this extra chapter is discussed below.)

Poseidon Chapter[ƒ|ƒZƒCƒhƒ“•Ò: Poseidon Hen]

Episodes: 100-114
Aired Date: 1988 11/19 - 1989 4/1
VHS: Poseidon Series 1-3
DVD: Phoenix Box
BD: Box 2

The main differences between the Anime and manga are:


    Between Dec. of 2002 and Dec. of 2003, all 114 episodes was re-released on DVD. The booklets had lots of info, from Conceptual Drawings to toy and music products information. Each limited edition box came with a Saint Cloth Series figure of the 5 New Bronze Saints Gold ver. Pegasus Box contained episodes, 1-24. Dragon Box contained episodes, 25-48. Andromeda Box contained episodes, 49-72. Cygnus Box contained episodes, 73-96. And, Phoenix Box contained episodes, 97-114.

Hikari[Λ] Artbook

    Released on Feb. 2004 was the artbook of Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno illustrations. The illustrations came from products, the anime productions from the TV Series era to the new era works like Hades Sanctuary OVA and Overture Movie. Some of the material was never released before. It also includes anime production info and interviews with Shingo and Michi.

Notes & Trivia

1. In recent years, Masaya Sasano at one time became the President of Bandai.
2. Shingo Araki is the main designer. Michi Himeno supports him.
3. Movie 4 was the only work that had character design not done by Shingo and Michi.
4. Sanctuary Outside Chapter Videos Episodes: Up - 17-20; Middle - 21-22,26,32; Down - 33-34, 54-55.
5. Asgard Tapes Episodes, 1: 74-77; 2: 78-81 3: 82-85; 4: 86-89; 5: 90-93; 6: 94-96; 7: 97-99.
6 The chapter is also simply called ŠC‰¤•Ò: Sea King Chapter.
7. Each Poseidon tape have 5 Episodes.
8. In Eternal Edition booklet, it called the original episodes, ƒIƒŠƒWƒiƒ‹•Ò: Orijinaru hen: Original Chapter.
9. The Great Holy War History reveals no one has worn the Phoenix Cloth before Ikki.
10. In Dragon Box DVD booklet, episodes 32-35 is called Cs•Ò: Shugyou@Hen: Training Chapter.
11. The anime never explained why this happened but since Mu is missing, the impression given is that Mu returned the Sagittarius Cloth to its true form.
12. For Cosmo Special folded poster, all 5 boys wear Gold Bronze Cloths.
13. The change angered many fans.
14. A Special 2 Box Special Price DVD will be released in Nov 2012.


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