I, myself own the 2 NES Games for the Famicom. I have downloaded.Nesticle for the
emulator to play the games.
Theses are the buttons to play the game.
Nes           Nesticle
Start          -  Enter
Select          -  Tab
Button  A       - Alt
Button  B      - Ctrl
If you don't move the cloud, Pressing Start or Enter here will begin the game. 
 Start of the game
If you move the cloud down one, Pressing Start or Enter here will go to entering Password.
The password will bring you to the start of the temple stage.
You can choose Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun
Everyone has cosmos and life, seven senses nil
Put everything in seven sense until you use it.
First screen you see.  Right now killing people does not matter, do it or don't(later it will matter)
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Page created October 3, 1997