Virgo Temple
After you pass Aiolia, the games gets more challenging. In this temple no tricks, just fight. Use all the characters to beat Shaka if  you have to.
Shaka does Ten Ma Kou Fuku!!
I used Seiya to beat Shaka.
To invoke Ikki:
Remeber use Shun last. Ikki is like your insurance. Use Seiya or Shiryu to minuimize Shaka's numbers. Don't Kill Shaka. Why would Ikki come out if you defeat him? And if you use just Seiya or Shiryu to miniuize Shaka's numbers enough then let the other player die, the point is everyone else is dead Shaka kills Shun and Ikki comes out. 
Remeber use Shun last. 
1)You have minuize Shaka's numbers. Shun has reached Virgo Temple. You enter the fight. Purposely make your number zero. Once you enter the fight, talk. and Shun dies and Ikki comes out. OR
2)If you been fighting and you know that one more hit by Shaka, Shun will die, then talk with Shaka. Ikki is your insurance.
Ikki comes and fights with Shaka.
No matter what you do, you get sent to Six worlds.
I found my way back  to Shaka.
Once you enter the fight, attack Shaka. Phoenix GenMaken!!
Hou Yoku Ten Shou!!
After you hit Shaka enough, Ikki will be allowed to mess with his numbers. Take away everything, you have done your job. It doesn't matter if Ikki wins or loses after this, the game continues.....
Shaka does Ten Bu Hou Rin . Ikki dies but the game still continues.
Ikki wins and you both disappear... The game continues....
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