Taurus Temple
You passed Mu's go to Taurus Temple. The two choices you see there is:
Continue with game
Get password
If you choose get password, the game won't continue unless you enter the password to pick up which stage you are on.
Choose Seiya to fight Taurus(Advantage: this I will explain later). 
From now on, you need to kill people, destroy rocks to get as much Sevensenses as possible. Sevensenses is your power source, the more you have the better. Of course, if you have infinite password it would be great. But let me warn you now, having all the cosmo in the world won't guarantee you will win. You will soon learn why as we go along.....
To store more Sevensenses you need to kill people, crush rocks when you can and you stay at one place at long as you can. When the rocks come directly above and keep on coming until you move a distance, that is telling you you have stayed too long, move along.... store as much Sevensenses as possible. 
In Game 1, it was easier to cheat in the PC verison than NES version. In Game 2, it is easier to evade attacks in the temples, but it is hard to control outside because you are using the keyboard not the pad.
I have reached Taurus Temple, notice my Sevensenses has increased a lot.
Athena tells you to restore you Cosmos and Life. (Most of the time in the beginning you do, do that, however....) For this time do it.
I have restored Seiya
Doing this will make your fight easiler. You don't have to do it: Talk with him once.
Talk with him again and you will hear a sound. That sound will indicate you did something right
(Hint :For the future temples, this sound will indicate you did something correct. If you are stuck, do different stuff and hear for it)
I choose Pegasus Ryuu Sei Ken to attack.
Pegasus Ryuu Sei Ken!!
Aldebaran lauches Great Horn, I evade left. How you do this is when the character your using(In this case Seiya) raises his arms when attacked, it is *NOW* you press the arrow buttons and choose to evade left or right.....
Choose Pegasus SuiSeiKen
Pegasus SuiSeiKen!!
I evade right.
I lost.
Advantage: Using Seiya in Taurus Temple, if you lose once, Marin will come and give you one more chance to stand up, that is the advantage.
Marin gives me the chance to restore my cosmos and life.
I have restored my life and cosmos
I enter the fight again.
I won and broke his horn.
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