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 The Good Saga.
Once you are in, take away cosmos and life to 000. You won't be able to hurt Saga anyway.
Then talk with Saga. 
Then attack Saga you won't hurt him but do it.
Then talk with Saga again.
Saga starts changing.... 
Then let Seiya die.
Then Ikki will come. Talk with Saga. You will hear the sound you did something right. Then you can hurt Saga.
I have done damage.
Ikki dies and Saga does Galaxyian Explosion(Hey aren't we in Anime not Manga?)
Seiya is back and Sevensenses has been raised.
Talk again.
You talk and Mu appears. Why do this? Reason below.
Now choose Switch to Use other players and get cosmos from your friends.
Press A or Alt and Hyoga gives you Seven Senses.
Press A or Alt and Shun gives you Seven Senses.
Press A or Alt and Shiryu gives you Seven Senses.
Press A or Alt and Ikki gives you Seven Senses and then press Start or Enter.
The reason you talk and Mu appears is if you do that, EVERY TIME you attack, you can restore cosmo and life. Making sure you win!!!!!!
When you attack you will find you can use Pegasus Rolling Crush. USE IT!
Pegasus Rolling Crush!!
I win and Saga disappears...
Go to Athena's Statue
Go near Shield.
Athena is saved! Good Job!!!!
"Saint Seiya Gold Legend THE END"
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