Pisces Temple
Use Shun(Advantage)
Aphrodite does Royal Demon Rose. Advantage: In this temple, you get to restore you cosmos and life after you talk with Aphrodite. Remeber use this wisely.
Eventually you will find you can use Nebula Stream.
Nebula Stream!!
Aphrodite does Piranhian Rose!!
Talk to Aphrodite and get cosmos and life restored.
Restore Shun
Aphrodite does Bloody Rose!
Eventually you get to use Nebula Storm(Unless you are very good and you don't need it)
Nebula Storm!!!
I win but Aphrodite does one more Bloody Rose Shun dies!!!! NO!!!
Aphrodite dies too.
Shun's picture is gone too!!!!
You can use Seiya and you can win but.......
I win and Aphodite kills Seiya.
Shun is left.
Shun is on his way to Pope's Place thru the Roses. Life get lower and lower because of the roses......
Shun will die because Marin is not here to save you. Either way Shun is destined to be dead. The game can  not continue.....
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