The original manga was serialized in Shonen Jump Weekly[週刊少年ジャンプ: Shuukan Shounen Janpu: Weekly Magazine Boy Jump] published by Shueisha[集英社] from Dec. of 1985 to Nov. 1990. The conclusion[完結編: Kanketu Hen: Conclusion Chapter] issue, however, was printed in V Jump[ブイ ジャンプ: Bui Janpu] in the same month.
    The story follows the main character, Seiya, who belongs to group of warriors known as Saints[聖闘士:Sei Toushi: Sacred Fighter]. They wear the armor called, Cloths[聖衣: Seii: Sacred Cloth] built based on the constellations. They use a power from the universe called, Cosmo[小宇宙: Shouuchuu: Microcosm]. There are 3 main chapters to the original manga, The Sanctuary, The Posiedon and The Hades.
    Even before the end of the original manga, Masami already planned the next chapter after Hades Chapter called, Heaven Chapter[天界編: Tenkai Hen: Sky World Chapter], even fans at the time already can guess that Zeus and the Olympus Gods would be featured. Soundtrack VIII booklet actually had a mention that a possible fight with Zeus in the manga was possible but that chapter was never drawn.
    Shueisha did not want to continue the story after Hades and wanted Masami to focus on the Gold Saints. Shueisha created a new magazine called, V Jump[ブイ ジャンプ] especially for the spin-off[外伝: Gaiden: side story] where many Yomikiri(One Issue manga) of the Gold Saints' past would be told. But after publishing the last issue of Saint Seiya at V Jump, they canceled those plans, too. Instead, Shueisha decided to focus on the younger fans and the project was called, Saint Paradise.
    After the failure of Silent Knight Shou, Masami's contract with Shueisha and Shonen Jump Weekly was dropped. Between 1995-2000, Masami worked on other mangas with a different publishing house. The most successful was B't X at Kadogawa Shoten[角川書店]. After the end of B't X, Masami returned to Shueisha and worked on Ring ni Kakero 2[リングにかけろ 2] from 2000-2008 that was serialized at Super Jump Magazine.
    In 2002-2003, with the Hades Chapter - Sanctuary OVA resurrecting Saint Seiya in Anime, the manga of Saint Seiya also resurrected, titled, Episode. G[エピソード. G: Episo-do. Ji-] serialized at Champion Red[チャンピオンRED: Chanpion Red] Magazine published by Akita Shoten[秋田書店], but the manga was not drawn by Masami himself because he didn't have time for it, instead he appointed Megumu Okuda[岡田芽武].
    In 2003, Toei Animation approached Masami to do an Anime movie and Masami suggested to create Heaven Chapter Movies. To promote the first movie, Heaven Chapter -Overture- [天界編 序奏: Tenkai Hen Jyosou: Sky World Chapter Introduction], released in 2004, Masami finally drew Saint Seiya manga again. The manga was titled Heaven Chapter -Overture- Introduction. It was published in Super Jump.(1)
    In 2006, Masami decided to focus on the multi-angle manga project called, Hades Mythology[冥王神話: Meiou Shinwa: Underworld King Mythology].(2) There are 2 mangas for this project. One of them is drawn by Masami himself titled, Next Dimension. The second is drawn by Shiori Teshirogi[手代木史織] titled, the Lost Canvas. Both mangas were serialized at Weekly Champion Magazine[週刊少年チャンピオン: Shuukan Shounen Chanpion: Weekly Magazine Young Boy Champion] published by Akita Shoten.

    In this present time(2013), ND is ongoing at Weekly Champion. LC Side Manga is ongoing at Extra Champion.

Saint Seiya

Main Article: Saint Seiya(Original Manga)

Episode. G


    In Dec. 2002, Masami and Megumu Okuda[岡田芽武] started a new Saint Seiya serizalization at monthly magazine, Champion Red published by Akita Shoten. The manga is a spin-off[外伝](3), a prequel where Aiolia(4) and the Gold Saints take center stage, set 7 years before the original manga time line.
    Initially, Masami and the publisher wanted Megumu to follow the original manga faithfully but Megumu did not want to do that. After Masami gave his consent, Megumu was allowed to draw the manga his own way. For Megumu, this story is to tell the 'history' of Saint Seiya. The manga stopped publishing after July issue of 2009.(5) It has resumed on Feb. 19, 2011.
    As of Sept. 17, 2011, the manga is on break again from the magazine.


Titan Gods Chapter[ティターン神族編](6)

Chapter 1-26(Titans Return Arc)

Red issue: 2003 Jan-2005 Feb
Volume: 1-7

    In the year 1979, one of the 12 Titans, Hyperion, attacks Sanctuary to retrieve "Megas Drepanon." One of the 12 Somas of the Titans. The Soma[楚真: Souma: Graceful True](7) are the armors and weapons of the Titans which are connected to the Cosmo and Spirits of the Titans. By taking back the Megas Drepanon which is the Soma of Kronos, they can resurrect him fully.
    Pontos, the Sea God, are helping the Titans with their resurrection, however, there's a twist in the plot. The Pope(Saga really) has a Spirit connection with Kronos and Pontos actually is working together with Saga for another scheme.
    Because of Aiolia's unique Cosmo that can help the resurrection of Kronos, the Titans sends all types of monsters and warriors to fight him. Two of the Titans fight with him themselves. Finally at the end of Arc, 11 of Titans are fully resurrected.

Chapter 27-40(Kronos Returns Arc)

Red issue: 2005 Mar-2006 Apr
Volume: 7-10

    With the return of 11 Titans, Theos Sema[神ノ紋章: Kami no Monshou: Crests of Gods] is about to be completed. They are determined to bring about another Titanomachia[神々の戦い: Kamigami no Tatakai: Gods' War] so they can defeat Zeus once and for all.
    The Spirit of Kronos himself comes to retrieve his sealed Soma. After an intense fight with Saga(Good Side) and Aiolia, Kronos is finally resurrected in his body but without his memories. However, he is still able to use his power, Adamas Psammos[金剛石乃砂: Kongouseki no Suna: Diamond Sands] to de-evolve the human race, so that Titans can inherit the earth.
    With the abduction of Lithos into the Tartaros realm, Aiolia is determined to enter Tartaros to save her.

Chapter 41-83(Tartaros Arc)

Red Issue: 2006 May-Oct, 2006 Dec-2008 Jul, 2008 Sep-2009 Jul, 2011 Apr-Oct
Volume: 10-19

    Aiolia doesn't want a war between humans and Titans. Hyperion proposes Aiolia to fight in Khronos Labyrinthos[刻の迷宮: Toki no Meikyuu: Time Maze] to the last Palace to discuss terms with their King Kronos.
    Mu teleports Shura, Milo, Shaka, Camus and Aldebaran to aid Aiolia. By the completion of Theos Sema, the Titans can use their full power. As the fights between the Saints and the Titans intensifies, finally, the true plan of Pontos is revealed!!
    Aiolia is finally reunited with Lithos, but, Kronos finally regains all his memories! The Titan King prepares to bring destruction to mankind!!
    Aiolia uses his body to prove fighting a God like Kronos is not impossible. Miko reveals the Titan Gods' true motive is to resurrect all the other sealed Gods. Aiolia uses his powers he got from Hyperion and Koios to destroy Kronos's 4 outer arms!! Kronos uses his planet powers and brings 3 Giants belonging to the 9 Gigas Gods to protect him. Aldebaran, Shura, Camus protects Aiolia from the Gigas attacks and Shaka teleports everyone from Kronos's Vibration Waves. Kronos says the land's peace is false peace. Aiolia believes in the peace because of two people, Galan and Aiolos!! The Gold Saints notice Kronos is a wavering God from a peaceful one for Lithos to a mad one wanting to kill everyone on the land.
    Kronos abandons his own people and Tartaros is starting to be destroyed. The Gold Saints are determined to protect the people of Tartaros too but they are running out of time so they split up to deal with the Giants. Aldebaran and Shura engages Nephritis Hoplisma. Shura have to store his Cosmo power to destroy the armor of the Giant. Aldebaran is buying time for Shura to do that but he has only enough strength to release his punches 5 times. By the determination of keeping their promises and the will to protect people when they have to, they succeed!!
    Aiolia can't move his body and his Cosmo is all burned up, so Shaka gives him his Cosmo and fights the Giant Beast alone. The Beast compares Shaka to Ikaros of myth who incurred the anger of Apollon. Shaka says the Beast is not a God for not protecting its own people. As Shaka fights the Beast, Aiolia notices Shaka is not at his best and he finally realizes that Shaka gave him all his Cosmo! The reason Shaka did that was he believes Aiolia should fight Kronos and Aiolia can win. When Aiolia protected Shaka that time, Shaka already trusted Aiolia. As the Beast attacks, Shaka opens his eyes!! The reason Shaka took the attacks from the Beast and close out one of his 5 senses was make his Cosmo speed up! And also, getting trust from someone will give you an infinite power! Shaka uses his skill to defeat the Beast! Finally Shaka says, a God should give joy and happiness to people, that's what a God should do!!
    Milo says 5 mins is more than enough to defeat this guy. Camus says a God like this is nowhere near the level of the God they worship, Athena, because all they do is fulfill their own desires! Camus tells Milo he is like Aiolia. Milo doesn't like it but Camus says Aiolos might be a traitor but Aiolia chooses a God who protects all, like you. Both Gold Saints finally decides to take down the Dragon God. Camus wonders why a wise dragon would take lives. The Dragon tells it is the order of Kronos to cleanse the old world and bring about a new one. Milo says humans are not stuff you can throw away!! Camus realizes something shocking. The Dragon uses Magic!! Normal physical skills won't work at all!! The Dragon is using a Spell to protect himself. The Dragon praises Camus for recognizing his ability and accepts his challenge to fight him. There is one way to take away the spell by Milo's poison but Milo has to release all 15 Scarlet Needles at the same time! While Milo is burning his Cosmo, Camus has to protect him. The Dragon asks Camus to choose between Death or Retreat! Camus chooses a third option, "Victory!!" He uses his Skills to protect Milo from the Dragon's attacks!! Some of the attack does reach Milo though! Milo finally breaks the Dragon's Spell!  With the Spell broken, Camus finishes the Dragon off with "AURORA EXECUTION!!!" The Dragon can't believe he would be defeated by two skills. Milo tells him you should know this. Fairy Tails have told these stories, the stories of the "DRAGON SLAYERS!!" "Saint are always heroes! THEY WON'T LOSE TO A DRAGON!!"
    Kronos can't believe his 3 Giant soldiers failed. There's no way humans can destroy them. Aiolia tells him when humans protect everything they love, they have an infinite possibility. They will have the most powerful weapon, "COURAGE!!" With that courage they can create miracles!! Kronos destroys Adamas Psammos! By doing this, the world will fall into Chaos with no past or future and finally he attains his Perfect Form!! The only way to prevent this from happening is to destroy the Titan King not even Zeus can stop this from happening! Aiolia tells him he will keep his promise and save him! Aldebaran tells Aiolia he is proud to fight with him! Camus tells him maybe Aiolos was a traitor but you don't need to be ashamed. Keep your head high! You are a Gold Saint with us! Shaka tells him when someone puts their trust in someone, they might get hurt and that hurt stays with them. But Shaka has no fear putting his trust in Aiolia! Shura tells him it was him who cut Aiolos. He doesn't know what Aiolos was thinking but Shura saw in his eyes, a determined light. Until the end, Aiolos was a brave fighter!! Like Aiolos, Aiolia has continued the blood of a Great Gold Saint!! Milo doesn't like Aiolia but he will support him. Aiolia calls on Galan just so he can hear his voice. Lithos tells him please don't die and win!! The fight begins and Kronos doesn't use his weapons but his own hands!!

Aiolos Chapter[アイオロス編]

Red Issues: 2007 Dec-2008 Mar
Volume: 0


    From Oct. 2007 to Jan. 2008, a side serialization featuring Aiolos' past was published. The plot is actually detailing one of the many missions of Aiolos when Aiolia was still a child and Galan is thought to be the next Leo Saint. The whole side manga was re-published in Vol. 0 with Prologue and Epilogue mangas, along with Galaxian Encyclopedia that was first printed in issues from May - Oct. of 2006 and from Jan. - Jul. issues of 2007.


    Because of the Aswan High Dam in Eygpt, the waters from the Nile River starts to flood the Abu Simbel temples. As a result, the temples had to be moved. While this was happening, a discovery was found under the temples. With the seal of the underground temple broken, Ichor starts to flow resurrecting all types of Egyption Gods. Aiolos is sent to destroy them. At the end of the story, one of the Gods Aiolos destroys is reformed into one of the 12 Titans and the story also reveals what God was actually sealed in that underground temple.

Short Manga[外伝]

    Each volume of the Comic Books[単行本] contains short mangas. Most of them are fully colored and first printed in the magazine first. Some of the timeframes of the mangas are not exactly clear. Here is a list of them:

Heaven Overture Introduction

    Published in Jan. 28th, 2004 in Super Jump April issue was the introduction manga to the Heaven Chapter Overture Movie. It was drawn by Masami and the coloring and backgrounds were drawn and colored by Toei Animation.
    This manga was to lead right into the movie. However because the movie production diverged from Masami's original story plan. The movie does not answer the questions, nor explains the mysteries posed by this manga.
    The manga was reprinted in Artbook, Sora.(9) The plot of the manga picks up where the end of the manga left off. Saori is taking care of Seiya who is in a wheelchair, his Cosmo and Life Force is close to zero. He is just a shell. Meanwhile in the Sky Prison[天空の牢獄: Tenkuu no Rougoku], someone approaches a prisoner named Touma[斗馬] and proposes he takes down the remaining Saints.
    With the problems of the Overture movie production, all the other movies were never produced and there was no manga drawn to continue this manga(however, 2 characters introduced in the movie appeared in Next Dimension manga).

Next Dimension Hades Mythology[冥王神話]


    In Apr. 2006, Masami started a new random manga serialization published in Shonen Champion Weekly. The manga is a part of the multi-angle manga project that tells the story of the Previous Holy War from different perspectives. The main difference this manga has to the other manga, The Lost Canvas, is that it tells what happens in the Present Era with Seiya and the other characters as well, a continuation and a prequel at the same time, with the story jumping from the present time to the previous Holy War Era(10). Finally in Champion Issue 2011 #2+3, the continuation of the original Saint Seiya story in the present era is going forward.
    The manga issues from Apr. 2006 to Feb. 2009 was printed in full color but because of cost problems(11), the latter issues were printed in part color, even though Masami and production still colored it in full color.(12)  Masami and the publisher has said they intended to published the Comic Books[単行本] in full color, regardless. This manga is on-going.


Present Era(Galaxy Myth:銀河神話)

Champion Issue: 2006 #22+23; 2008 #8; 2009 #10-13, 42-44; 2010 #39-40; 2011 #2+3, 4+5, 6-7; 2013 #1, 6, 9~ Ongoing
Volume: 1-7~

    In the year 1990, Seiya and the Bronze Saints fight with Hades and Hades remembers he has met a Pegasus Saint before in Time of the Myths but not just that, also in the previous Holy War two hundred forty and some years ago.(13)
    After the Present Era war, Seiya is cursed by the sword of Hades and only have 3 days to live. Saori/Athena is determined to save Seiya's life but in order to do that they must travel back in time. With the help of Hecate, both Shun and Athena reach Artemis Temple in Olympus where they find out Chronos can help them. Using Athena's life as collateral, Chronos allows them to embark on their journey.
    Artemis's attendant, Calisto releases the fallen Angel[天闘士:Sky Fighter] Touma. She sends him to get Seiya's head. Wearing his Glory[天衣:Sky Cloth], he goes to Sanctuary where Seiya is. Protected by Athena's Cosmo, Seiya can't be approached so Touma wills Seiya and his wheelchair up in the sky hoping the fall can kill him, but Marin comes and catches the wheelchair in time. Just as Touma is about to kill Marin, Hyoga appears!! He exchange blows with Touma and drives Touma away. Marin senses she has met Touma some time long ago. Touma too wonders about Marin and remembers his separation from his sister. Shaina appears and joins Marin to protect Seiya so Hyoga can go to Athena.
    Hyoga visits Shiryu in 5 Old Peaks and asks him to help out Seiya but Shiryu refuses! He and Shunrei have an orphan to take care of, Shouryu. After Hyoga leaves, Touma arrives and beats up Shiryu angry at his cowardice. Finally Shiryu decides to help out Seiya and Shunrei wishes him good luck.Hyoga arrives in Olympus but is lost. Finally, Touma has caught up with him and attacks him. Hecate is there and delivers the message Ikki wanted her to do and she flies away. She ends up running into Shiryu. Trading Roshi's cane, Hecate will guide them to Chronos' Lake. Hyoga uses his skill Koliso to make Touma delay for the moment. Sensing the great Cosmo from the cane, Hecate returns it to Shiryu and both him and Hyoga heads to the previous Holy War Era!!
    Shaina walks to 12 Palace the area right between Scorpio and Sagittarius Palace and it is there where she discovers the cursed ruins of the Demon Palace!! Shaina says the end of the world is near!!

Previous Era(Hades Myth:冥王神話)

Champion Issue: 2006 #36+37-38, 43, 51; 2007 #4+5-6, 36+37-38; 2008 #1, 8; 2009 #10, 13, 43; 2010 #15-18, 38-43; 2011 #2+3, 4+5, 6-9; 2012 #1-7, 27-33; 2013 #2+3-4+5, 7-9~Ongoing(The next batch of chapters are scheduled for summer 2013.)[17]
Volume: 1-7~

    Young Bronze Saints Shion and Dohko are promoted to the rank of Gold by the Pope. They are informed that a New Holy War with Hades will begin. Dohko wants to stop this from happening and tries to kill the boy who will be the current body of Hades, Alone.
    However, Alone's friend, Pegasus Tenma stops them. Alone ends up being taken away to Hades Castle by Pandora. Tenma wants to save him but he is stopped by the Specters of Hades.(One of the Specters is actually!?)
    Afterward, in Sanctuary, Athena finally arrives but in an infant form!! As it turns out, the Pope and Pisces Saint Cardinale are agents for Hades. Virgo Saint, Shijima, runs away with the baby Athena. Shun convinces Tenma he is telling the truth and both of them confront Shion. Upon hearing the message from Shijma, Shion realizes the truth also but he has to stay in Aries Palace to protect it against the Specters lead by Garuda Specter, Suikyou.
    By Athena's flower chain, Ikki arrives in the past era. Suikyou defeats Ikki but Ikki is able to launch his Illusion Punch, reminding Suikyou of his younger brother. The Garuda Specter confronts Taurus Ox and defeats him. Shun and Tenma arrives at Gemini Palace. Shun senses Seiya is in danger but since the Gemini Palaces have become two, Shun and Tenma have to split up. Shun passes the illusion of Gemini Saint easily. Tenma is confonted not by an illusion but the real thing. Shun turns back to help Tenma. As both boys are in a dire straits, Suikyou appears!! With Suikyou and Gemini Abel concentrating on fighting each other, Shun and Tenma escapes Gemini Palace finally. As it turns out, Abel also rebelled from Athena and questions if Suikyou's motives for rebelling. Suikyou's skill don't work on Abel. Just as Abel was about to send Suikyou to Another Dimension, Abel's big brother, Kain appears!! Kain wants Suikyou to tell him the truth because he sees his conflict is like his own. Suikyou wants to tell him his true motives but he doesn't. Right then, Abel reappears and Suikyou isn't sure which brother is real and which is the illusion.
    Shun and Tenma enter Cancer Palace and encounters Coffin Maker, Cancer Deathtoll. What he usually does is sent dead souls back to the Underworld. The boys tell him they are not dead. They are here to spread the message the Pope is a traitor. Deathtoll reveals he already knows that but he won't let anyone pass the Palace and puts the boys in Japanese old style coffins and sent them away with his skill. Meanwhile, Abel reveals to Kain what he did to Suikyou. Abel has used the Bewitch Devil Punch on Suikyou. Who will Suikyou kill? The boys or baby Athena!!
    Abel tells Kain Suikyou doesn't really want to take Athena's head, so he helped him and he will help Kain maintain his good appearance. When Sanctuary is taken over by him, he will give it all to Kain. Meanwhile in Yomotsu Hirasaka, Shun sees Seiya's soul. Saori tells him not to chase Seiya and return from the hole. Realizing the coffins he made was not good enough, he decides to use the Omerta, a coffin for bad guys who would rebel against Athena. With the boys sucked in, Deathtoll intends to throw them in the deathhole, himself, but Suikyou appears!!
    Deathtoll lets Suikyou pass. He doesn't mind who wins. He can work for Athena or Hades as far as he's concerned. He tries to use his skill to send Suikyou and the boys to Yomotsu but it doesn't work on Suikyou instead it switches on the Bewitch Devil Punch and turns Suikyou into a violent being. Deathtoll goes to Yomotsu to get the boys to be the victim of the Devil Punch. Will Suikyou kill Tenma!?
    Shun stops Suikyou's punch with his chain just in time but Tenma tells him to stay out of this. Tenma hopes his master will remember the past days and awake but Suikyou's punch is able to stop Tenma's heart!! Shun tells him you can't die, weren't you going to save your friend Alone!? Right then, Suikyou manages to hit Tenma's Center Point(Shinou Ten) and resurrected him!! Deathtoll wonders didn't Suikyou get hit by Devil Punch? Suikyou tells him that he did, just that, he also got hit by Ikki's Illusion Punch. Because both punches are influencing the mind, Ikki's Illusion Punch make him a little immune to the Devil Punch of Abel! He wasn't completely controlled by it!! Realizing Suikyou is free of mind again, right then, Deathtoll decides to fight for real!!
    Deathtoll beats up Suikyou and the boys. Even Suikyou's skill don't work because DT already seen his skill. You can't use the same skill on a Saint twice and Suikyou's strength have become weak as a child. DT actually wanted to keep Suikyou alive so when DT does turn, he can get a good deal with the Hades army but he realizes that's not possible because Suikyou never actually betrayed Athena. He thinks everyone does something only for their own gain even Suikyou. DT finally decides to kill him but then Tenma insults DT by asking him, are you a boy or girl? The boys are able to use the Omerta to entrap the Cancer Gold Saint. Suikyou continues his path of thorns and the Wild Lion at Leo Palace is waiting!!
    Ikki reaches Gemini Palace. Kain is angry at Abel and wants him to appear. Ikki asks him who is Abel? Kain tells him it's not his business, if he wants to live, don't even move forward 1 mm. Ikki doesn't listen and gets hit! Kain tells him once Abel shows his teeth, you will die! But, Ikki says no, you are alone. This is all you! You're playing this!! Kain gets angry and says I have to go to Athena and protect her and Ikki says I'm the same, from the future!! Meanwhile, Shun and Tenma finally pass Cancer Palace. Tenma wants Shun to go ahead first, but he asks him in the future, are there conflicts and bad people? Shun tells him, yes. Tenma wonders if all of this is for nothing. It is not surprising to him that the Gods would bring punishment on us. But, Shun tells him he believes one day all the bad people and conflicts will be gone and that is when the Gods will betow us the earth. He is fighting for that one day! Shun leaves and from the wound before, Tenma falls! Ikki is no match to Kain. Kain says you're Bronze, sound speed, you can't match a Gold with light speed! Ikki gets the crap beat out of him! The Cloth is useless to protect him, but he rises again and launches Phoenix Wing Glide!!
    Ikki launches his move though it made Kain hit the wall, it didn't really do damage. The Gold Saint says he now believes Ikki is telling the truth so to honor him he will bury him with his skill, GALAXIAN EXPLOSION!! But, Kain can't believe that Ikki is still alive after the skill! Ikki tells him he has seen the skill many times in the future. It is then Kain decides to save the Phoenix Saint. He intends to use the Resuscitation Stars. Each Saint has their Star Life Points. Phoenix has 7. When those 7 stars disappear, Ikki will die. Kain intends not to let that happen, however, right then, Abel appears! He wants Ikki to die! With Abel showing up, Ikki wonders about the curse of the Gemini Constellation!!
    Kain and Abel keep appearing and reappearing right after the other disappears. It confuses Ikki greatly. Shun arrives at Leo Palace to find a giant lion named Goldie who protects the Palace along with Leo Gold Saint Kaiser! Shun tries to convince Kaiser to let him pass but he sends Goldie to eat him! However, Shun tames Goldie!! Finally, it is revealed that Suikyou was already defeated at Leo Palace. Seeing this, Shun is determined to fight!
    Shun launches his Nebula Chain but doesn't work in front of Kaiser's Light Punches. The Gold Saint was about to kill Shun but Goldie protects him. Because of Goldie's interference, his punches slowed and that's why Shun was able to catch it. Finally, Tenma arrives and says he has heard how great of a man the Leo Saint is but seeing this it's not true. You're worst than that big Lion over there!
    Goldie and Tenma are about to fight but Tenma sees Goldie is wounded so he bandages Goldie's wound before fighting. As a result, Goldies starts licking Tenma's wounds. Kaiser says Goldies's saliva has a great healing property. Meanwhile in Gemini Palace, Abel has disappeared for now. Ikki tells Kain about Saga and says he knows the truth about Kain and Abel. They are not twins or multiple personality but the Gold Saint lets him leave first before telling that truth. Kain says Abel and I were created by the Mischief of the Gods for this era!! Back in Leo Palace, Kaiser realizes the 3 guys there are not the enemy but a REAL enemy is approaching!!
    The Omerta falls with Deathdoll inside but a bunch of Specters saves him. The Gold Saint is surprised they are able to even reach Seikishiki. The Specters tell him Athena's Binding Field is weakened maybe she is lost somewhere. Meanwhile Shjima can't get out of Pope's Palace. He realizes he is caught in the Gods Labyrinth, the last defense before Athena Temple, even Gods will get lost in it! Kaiser senses Shijima might be in trouble. With Specters making Deathtoll choose between falling in the hole or guiding them to 12 Palaces, he leads them to Leo Palace!!
    Goldies takes cares of the Specters in Leo Palace. Kaiser asks Deathtoll which one will he fight Goldie or him? But Deathtoll warns him there's one more Specter. Both Goldie and Kaiser are caught in the Worm's Bind. It doesn't really trouble Kaiser and the Cancer Saint finishes the Specter off with the skill, PEACH ATTACK!! Still, Kaiser wants to fight Deathtoll but the Cancer Saint points out Fairy, the butterfly who spies on Suikyou! Realizing Suikyou is not in Leo Palace, Kaiser intends to give chase but Deathtoll urges him not to! He tells him Suikyou will soon die. Pity that warrior who is full of wounds and yet still moves forward! Deathtoll doesn't say if he betrayed Athena or not just that, his observations of Suikyou is correct. Next Palace is Shijima's Palace!!
    Suikyou wonders if he is dead but baby Athena saves him by taking him to Twin Sala Garden in Virgo Palace. Also, she sends the Cup Cloth with life giving water to save him. Shijma wonders why Athena would save an enemy. Suikyou sends a message to Athena. Shijama reads it. There are two words, Ten, and Three. Suddenly the Gold Saint realizes that a hidden legend might appear and the whole Sanctuary will be destroyed from it!!
    Shiryu lands in Libra Palace in the past. He tries to convince Dohko that he is from the future and here to save Athena but the young Libra Saint don't believe him and fights with Shiryu!! With Shiryu able to equal Dohko's skill, Rising Dragon Supreme. He believes him and tells him the back images they have are the proof that they are fated to be the Libra Saints.
    Meanwhile in Pope's Palace, finally Cardinale has caught up with Shijima and baby Athena in the Labyrinth. Shijma tries to convince Cardinale to give up the fight because Sanctuary will be destroyed by the resurrection of the cursed 13th Gold Saint, Ophiuchus!!

And, the legend continues...

The Lost Canvas Hades Mythology[冥王神話]


    In August 2006, Masami and Shiori Teshirogi[手代木史織] started a new Saint Seiya serialization as part of the multi-angle manga project Hades Mythology at Shonen Champion Weekly. The second manga, a spin-off[外伝](14), a prequel and set wholely in the previous Holy War era. The serialization ended on April, 2011.
    Shiroi is a fan of Masami. In a signing of his, she met him and gave him a Comic Book of her Shojyo(aimed for girls) manga to Masami. Later Masami called her to appoint her as the mangaka for LC.
    Shirori uses the Asgard Chapter and movie 3, Legend of Crimsion Boys[真紅の少年伝説] of the Anime as a base for her manga. When the manga is re-published in Comic Book form[単行本], there's extra images and Cloth Diagrams like the style of the original manga. A wide format of the manga will start to be released also.
    A side manga[外伝] began on May 19th, 2011 on Champion #25 Issue.


Chapter 1-47(The Advent of Hades Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2006 #39 - 2007 #36,37
Volume: 1-6

    In the 18th century Italy, 2 friends are torn apart by a destiny since the Time of the Myths. Tenma is a boy who awakened the Cosmo power with no education of it. Alone is a boy who wants to be a great painter but the Spirit of Hades awakens inside him and he becomes the current vessel of Hades. Libra Dohko brings Tenma to Sanctuary to train to be a Saint. He becomes the Pegasus Saint.
    Hades can resurrect his warriors, the Specters[冥闘士] as many times as possible, no matter how many times they are defeated. To counter this problem, Virgo Asmita created the 108 beads made from the Golden Rain Fruits[木欒子の実: Mokurenji no Mi] retrieved by Tenma and company.
    At the end of the arc, Alone begins painting, The Lost Canvas, when completed, all of the lives in the world will be destroyed!!

Chapter 48-95(Hypnos and Thantaos Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2007 #38 - 2008 #27
Volume: 6-11

    Tenma is determined to stop Alone himself but he is aided by Cancer Manigold, Yato and Crane Yuzuriha. However, Thanatos, the God of Death create obstacles for them. By the sacrifice of Manigold and his master, Pope Sage, the Spirit of Thanatos is sealed.
    After the defeat of the 4 Dream Gods, most of the Saints gather to attack Hades Castle. By the sacrifice of Sage's big brother Hakurei, Hypnos is also sealed. However, Aries Sion, Yuzuriha and Tenma are no match to Hades. Dohko uses all his might to help them escape. At end of the Arc, Alone abandons Hades Castle and moves away to his realm in the sky!!

Chapter 96-142(To Lost Canvas Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2008 #28 - 2009 #34
Volume: 11 - 17

    Alone uses his power to bring the land to rise to Lost Canvas to kill and destroy the human beings on that risen land. In Jamir, the Saints and pawns there are working hard to restore an ancient ship they can use to travel to LC in the sky. Garuda Aiacos and his troops uses all their power to destroy the ship but they are stopped by Leo Regulus and Sagittarius Sisyphos. By the sacrifice of Bronze Saints led by Wolf Junkers, they activate the ship by the Orichalcum of Poseidon!!
    However, as they enter LC, except for Sasha, Tenma, Shion and Regulus, all the other Saints are turned to stone by the power of Hades!!

Chapter 143-Final(223)(Star Demon Palaces Arc[星の魔宮: Hoshi no Makyuu Hen:Chapter] (15)

Champion Weekly issue: 2009 #35 - 2010 #24, 2010 #26 - 2011 #19
Volume: 17 -25

    Athena's Cosmo is sealed by Alone and Sasha becomes just a human girl. Dohko with the help of Defteros delivers Athena's Cloth. As each of the characters pass through the Demon Palaces, many backgrounds of the characters are revealed. After Sasha is free again, Tenma confronts Alone/Hades again. At the end of the arc, Dohko and Shion with the help of the other 10 Gold Saints' Spirits, they drive Hades's Spirit away from Alone. By the sacrifice of Tenma, Sasha and Alone, Hades's Spirit is driven back to Elysion.

Extra Chapter, 243 Years Later

Volume: 25

    Mu and Roshi discuss if Saori is Athena or not and the fact there is no way the Pope is Shion. And that there is a Pegasus Saint by Saori's side.

Lost Canvas Side Manga[外伝]

Blood-Ink Crest[血墨の紋: Chisumi no Mon]


    Printed in Princess Gold Magazine, published by Akita Shoten, Nov+Dec issue on Oct. 16, 2009 was the Yomikri(One-issue manga) of The Lost Canvas manga detailing the past of Yuzuriha. This manga is a brief return to her roots of Shojo magazine for Shiori. The story is a prequel.


   With the deaths of her mother, father and little brother, Tokusa, Yuzuriha has chosen to give up her life as a warrior and become married to continue her family line. However, Hades resurrects Tokusa as a Specter and sents him to kill her in payment for the resurrected life. Shion defeats Tokusa and the yomikiri ends with Yuzuriha determined to become a warrior again, marking her family crest on her body using Tokusa's blood.

Lost Canvas Anecdotes(16)


    A serialization began on May 19th, Champion Weekly issue: 2011 #25. Shiori wrote in her blog that because of the pressures of the main story she couldn't tell another side of her characters. The side manga will focus on stories not in the main plot. It was decided to switch the serialization from weekly to monthly. The Shura story ended on Apr 26th, 2012, Champion Weekly Issue 2012 #22+23. Dohko's story started on Jun 12th, 2012, July issue of Extra Champion[別冊少年チャンピオン: Bessatu Shuukan Shounen Chanpion: Separate Volume Young Boy Champion]. Each character story is collected in one volume of manga.


Pisces Chapter

Champion Weekly issue: 2011 #25-34

    Albafica saved a boy, Pefco, from some Specters who is a guide to the Island of the Healers. The Pope sends Albafica to investigate the suspected Specter presence there. As it turns out, the Healer there Luco is the little brother of Rugonis, Albafica's master! The reason why Luco wanted to research herbs was because he wanted to save his brother from the curse of the poison. He couldn't save his big brother and when Pefco became ill, Death came gave him a solution. Death offered Luco Underworld flowers for him to use. As it turns out the flowers were no cure but turned people into Specters and Luco himself became the Specter of Sky Rise Star(TenRitsuSei), Dryads!! Albafica was able to defeat Luco and as he dies, he realizes that his brother did not die unfortunately but he was happy because he was able to pass on all he knew to someone and Luco was able to pass what he knew to Pefco. Albafica enjoyed his stay at the island and returns to Sanctuary where Shion is there to meet him.

Scorpion Chapter

Champion Weekly issue: 2011 #35-40, #42-44

    The time frame of the story is around when Sasha was just brought to Sanctuary. Scorpion Gold Saint Kardia takes Sasha out of Sanctuary to a bar and there she meets the owner, Carbella. The Jaguar[獣闘士: Jyuu Toushi: Beast Fighters] comes and tries to abduct Carbella!! Kardia stops them. Sasha is afraid for the future because she is Athena, that's why she wanted to escape from Sanctuary. Vesda, the Priest of the Sun will take the Scorpion Saint's heart and offer it to their god, Tezcatlipoca, to create a new era!! One of the Jaguar, Nahualpilli comes to skin Karida and reveals the armor of the Jaguar is Nagual[黒曜衣: Koku You I: Black (Sun)Light Cloth]! He is unable to do that but he is able to steal Sasha away with him!! At the temple, Nahualpilli realizes Vesda will become a god of destruction! Vesda brings Kardia to the bottom of the temple ruins and offers him to his god. Finally, Kardia uses his most heated blow, Scarlet Needle Katakaiw Antares on Vesta but he doesn't die. Furthermore, he wants the god to explode with him to destroy the world! Right then, Sasha awakens as Athena!! She uses her power and seals the god!!! Kardia was about to die from the intense fight but Carbella uses the power from her ancestor, the Snake with White Wings to save him. Both Sasha and Kardia returns to Sanctuary. Finally with the Pope by her side, Sasha sitting at the throne at the Pope's Palace, she introduces herself as Athena officially to Kardia and Dejel.
    In Vol 2 of the Comic Books, there's an extra chapter revealing that, after the 10-year-old Kardia found out that he won't live long. He runs into an old man(Krest). He reveals to him that he has the blood of Athena and he knows a technique which can make Kardia live forever. With the blood, it was that day his life of as a Saint began!!

Aquarius Chapter

Champion Weekly issue: 2011 #45-2012 #1

    18 Century France, Krest, Dejel's[18] Master has been missing. After receiving a letter, Dejel searches for him in a mansion with the Crest of Vouivre.[19] Garnet is holding a masquerade ball there. One of the servants, Flourite helps Dejel find his master because her father is also missing. Dejel have to face Garnet's child soldiers, the Jewels. As it turns out one of them is actually Krest in young form!! After defeating the others, Dejel faces his master! During the fight, Garnet reveals she is immortal! She believes the only way for peace to rule is for her to have immortality. What's surprising is Krest follows her thinking!! After an intense fight, Dejel convinces them what they're doing is wrong. The only way for peace to rule is for everyone to realize their dreams.
    In Vol 4 of the Comic Books, it is revealed that Garnet wears the Vouivre Orb[宝石衣:Jewel Cloth].

Cancer Chapter

Champion Weekly issue: 2012 #2+3-9, 11-13

    18 Century Venice, a carnival is been held. A kid by the name of Joker steals from Manigold. Joker and the other kids live their lives stealing from people. She meets Manigold who with Albafica are sent here to defeat the Black Saints. Joker guides them to the headquarters of the Black Saints led by Don Avid who is actually a student of Hakurei. After intense fights with the Black Saints, it is revealed that Joker actually is a survivor of Death Queen Island, the clan that seals the Black Saints by the Mask for that power. After the mission, Manigold has to return the Mask but Joker is determined that one day she will use her own power to see that Mask again.

Capricorn Chapter

Champion Weekly issue: 2012 #14-22+23

    A city has risen called, Catalanya['Sun Flame'] where a battle event is being held. Capricorn El Cid is sent there on a mission and meets with Lacaille, the son of a sword-smith. The winner of the event can become the suitor of the beauty of Catalanya, Mine[峰] whom El Cid knew from his training days. But, she should be dead! After a series of fights, the Gold Saint had to confront another person from his training past, Ferusa. As it turns out, with Mine dead, Ferusa wanted their dreams to come true so he used the dream God, Phobetor, to resurrect her! El Cid was finally able to defeat Mine, Ferusa and the Dream God, Phobetor, by becoming a Sacred Sword himself! With the mission accomplished, Lacaille decided his chose path is with El Cid, the path of the sword!!

Libra Chapter

Extra Champion issue: 2012 Jul-Oct

    The story is set 12 years after the Holy War. Warriors from Senkyou[Enchanted Land], the Taonia[彫道士:Chou Dou Shi: Engraver Warriors] attack Dohko. Dohko was once a pupil in Senkyou and trained there, but he chose the way of the Saint. The Taonia wear the armor called, Tattoo[墨衣: Sumii:Ink Cloth]. The leader of attackers somehow look just like Tenma but he says his name is Ryuushin. After defeating his old companion, Fui, Dohko returns to Senkyou. Hakuryuu, the one who has protected Senkyou and the land for a 1000 years have fallen ill. Hakutaku have taken advantage. As it turns out, Hakutaku was Fueigan, along with his sister, Mudan, they were saved by Hakuryuu when their village was destroyed. Hakutaku is extremely angered by the actions of mankind that led to the destruction of the environment. He wants to correct the world in the way that it should be. Finally Dohko was able to defeat Hakuryuu but he doesn't kill him instead convinces him that he should know the world once again. As it turns out Ryuushin was a manifestation of Hakuryuu to help guide Dohko.

Leo Chapter

Extra Champion issue: 2012 Nov -Feb

     Regulus is on his first mission sent by Sisyphos to protect a girl by the name of Connor who is attacked by Druids[Magicians]. The Druids are using the magic, the Evil Eye of Balor! The leader of the Druids, Cruach, have already taken down Connor's Father, Moriaz! Regulus is no match to Cruach! The boy Saint realizes he needs to understand magic and trains with Connor's protector, Failinis. Finally at the end of the story, with the help of his own father and Connor's father, Regulus was able to defeat Cruach!
    In Volume 6 of the Gaiden, with a little encounter between Regulus and Asmita, the Virgo Saint realizes Regulus could be the most powerful Leo Saint!

Virgo Chapter

Extra Champion issue: 2012 Mar -Jun

    Ahimsa an old acquaintance of Asmita[20] somehow awoke the 8th Sense and ended up in hell without knowing it. He is then tempted to become a Specter by Atavaka, a Specter that doesn't need to follow Pandora's Orders. But what Atavaka really wants is to absorb Ahimsa into himself which he has done to many souls already. After fighting with Kagaho, Asmita tries to save Ahimsa but was unable to do it. With the help of those souls Atavaka absorbed, Asmita is able to send Atavaka's soul to the Wheel of Reincarnation. After the fight, Ahimsa too has to reincarnate and he hopes in his next life he can find happiness.
    In the Volume 7 of the gaiden, Kagaho first encounters Alone after he have decided that all people should given his idea of 'salvation'.

Taurus Chapter

Extra Champion issue: 2012 Jul-Nov

    Pope Shion fears Typhon and the Gigas Giants will resurrect so he sends Taurus Teneo to stop it from happening. 14 years ago, Taurus Hasgard was sent on a similar mission. On that mission while he was at Crete, he fought with an Automated Puppet by the named of Col Tauri. The Puppet was entrusted by the mythic Europa to protect her children and their descendants. After reaching an understanding, Hasgard with Col Tauri ventured into Mt Etna together. By the sacrifice of Col Tauri, the mission was a success. From that day, Hasgard called himself, Aldebaran. In the present time, with the help of Aldebaran's Will, Teneo was able to stop the Gigas again. The story ends with Serinsa welcoming him back to Sanctuary. Serinsa was one of those children Col Tauri protected.[21]

Sagittarius Chapter

    The ch. begins in Dec issue.

Notes and Trivia

1. The cover of Super Jump was the main characters of Saint Seiya and Ring ni Kakero 2, Seiya+Rindo.
2. The manga has another English title, "The Myth of Hades."
3. In Princess Gold magazine where the Yuzuriha Yomikiri was published, it refered to the Episode G. manga as a Spin-off work[外伝的作品].
4. When Masami was developing the original manga, he initially intended the main character to be Leo Saint.
5. The cause of this is unclear. An interview says he had disagreements with the publisher. Fans say he was working on Shadow Skill.
6. On Vol. 12 advert sleve, it called the current chapter by this title, ティターン神族編:Titan Gods Chapter.
7. Soma, in Indian Mythology is a drink of the Gods for the immortal soul. Soma, σωμα, in Greek means 'body'.
8. フォトンバースト:Fuoton Ba-suto, 光子破裂: Koushi Haretu: Photon Burst(Explosion).
9. In Artbook, Sora, all the extra comments were removed.
10. Akita Shoten declared ND to be a canonical continuation[正統なる続編: Seitou naru Zokuhen] of the original manga when Vol 1 of ND was about to be published but fans question if this was a gimmick on their part to boost sales.
11. The magazine itself says cost problems was the reason for this but according to the "Olympus 12 Gods" blog, people who have inside info on Saint Seiya, the copyright of Saint Seiya had legal problems between Akita Shoten and Shueisha. Also for Champion Weekly itself, other mangakas complained why only ND gets the full color printing every time? Also, Masami getting sick also did not help.
12. In his blog, Masami showed some of the black and white pages in full color.
13. Masami never explained the change of the year to 1990.
14. In Princess Gold magazine where the Yuzuriha Yomikiri was published, it refered to the Lost Canvas manga as, Another Story[アナザー ストーリー].
15. In Vol 21 inside Advert pamphlet, this is the offical title of the chapter
16. When the gaiden was advertized in the magazine it used this title: 12 Gold Saints' Gold Legend[12黄金聖闘士の金色の伝説: Ougon Seitoushi no Konjiki no Densetu]
17. In the past, Champion Weekly have mislead people and did not release the chapters like they said.
18. Dejel - "Melting Snow"
19. Vouivre - Guivre, wurm, wyvern
20. Asmita - "I think"
21. Serinsa has 2 masters, first Col Tauri, then Hasgard/Aldebaran