Gold Legend Perfect Edition

    The General Game play is the same as the old edition but with much better graphics. The faster way to get stuck is if you lose your Life and Cosmo before you can restore it. The best way to play this game is to save up because when you can kill the Pawns outside you can get to store Cosmo power, as the number Cosmo numbers go up, put it back to the Life power.
Make sure you do this as much as possible.
    When you get to Sanctuary, the Gold Saint maybe too powerful for you so you need to raise your levels to make yourself more powerful and raise your Life Power level, so you need to kill more pawns to get the EXP power.

Have fun!! :)


After Defeating Shun

After Defeating Misty

After Defeating Aldebaran

After Defeating Shaka

After Defeating Shura

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