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Part 1 Charge Chapter

Expert Hashimoto takes along Famicon Seiya to Kurumada Sensei's workplace for an interview.

Charge Famicon Interview!!

The moving reunion of Kurumada and the Expert!

Hello!! It's Famicon Expert, Hashimoto! This time I will be going in place of Kimu+Testu to Kurumada's workplace to interview him for "Saint Seiya Gold Legend Conclusion". As always, the powerful Sensei talked with me a lot about games and manga.

                        This interview was long awaited!              Sensei welcomes the long waited interview with a smile.

Sensei Hello, long time.

Yah, long time no see! Since the meeting for the Conclusion.

Yes. Today, I have the finished game with me.

Challenge the game with the pride of the creator of the manga!!

Oh!! Finally, it's done!? Okay, shouldn't we play it now!?

You have to play it! It's been quite a while since you play games right?

That's right. Last time was when you brought the Twin Famicon here, and I played "Super Mario" a little.

And you played the previous Seiya game?

Yes, yes. I played it hard. I have my pride of being the creator of the manga. I was having so much fun, I sat in front of the TV for so long, my bottom got stiff! WAHAHA!!


It's because that game was hard. Like, the Fuji Caves, before I got defeated by the enemy, I fell down!

It's hard there until you get the hang of it.

Expert Hashimoto will play first. Indeed a expert, handing the controller excellently! Now, Rozan Shou Ryuu Ha!![Rising Dragon Supreme]

Famicon Seiya has the same interesting stuff as the manga.

Now then, let's check out the Conclusion. First switch on like this!

OHH!! This time it's the Sanctuary fight! As expect is this it? The objective is to defeat the Pope in the end, right.

Yes! It's made following the manga faithfully.

Oh! While we're on the subject, the previous game has Mu say in his residence, "Don't move back!" This time, you have to read the manga.

Sensei who's watching the Expert play. He's silent but is itching for his turn to play as soon as possible!

Those who read Seiya or Jump readers can clear the game quicker than most people.

I see, then I'll read all the Comic Books of "Saint Seiya!"

What're you talking about? You created Saint Seiya!!

WAHAHAHA!! That is right.

Oh Sensei you!

Both are passionately discussing the game. The game is fun but talking to Sensei is more fun!!

This time too, Seiya has big active role in the game!

So for this game, is Seiya fighting all alone?

No, this time you can choose to control Seiya, Shiryu, Shun, and Hyoga. Of course, many other characters from the manga will show up too!

Hohh... That's interesting.

Yes! This game will definitely be fun for Seiya fans. Those who don't have the comic books, run to the store!! Oh, just a little advertising!

WAHAHAH! No, thank you very much.

Well, it's time to begin the interview... Oh? Sensei, let's end the game and... Sensei!

Hmm!? What the, no more?

Yes, well, we can only play moderately, please do your best at your work too!

Oh, leave it to me!!

Then Kurumada Sensei, next time, we'll really play the Famicon.


* * *

Part 2 Hot-Blooded Chapter

The dream discussion of men! Hot-Blooded Conversation!!

Kurumada Sensei Vs. Expert Hashimoto

Live believing your dreams can come true!!

Interviewer: Now, this time, Kurumada Sense-manga, Expert Hashimoto-Famicon, though your worlds are different, both of you are working to create dreams of children. Let's have a conversation on these lines.

Converse with Hashimoto? I'm a little embarassed.

  Well well, don't say that. First, tell us what the both of you wanted to do, your dreams while you were kids?
Sensei wanted to be a mangaka since your were a child, right?

No no, when I was a kid, the job of being a mangaka was not respected! I, myself, thought messing around on a desk was not a job for a man!! That's what I thought.

Then, why did you decide to walk the path of manga?

After graduating high school, all my friends were either going to university or had a job to go to, I didn't want to do either but I had to do something. So, I started to think what I can do and I thought, "For manga, I won't lose to anyone!"

Now, "Kurumada of Seiya" is already super famous!

Uhm, thank you. But Hashimoto appears a lot in TV and magazines, right? Walking on the street, fans spot you and ask for your autograph, isn't it amazing?

No, the truth is if I don't wear these red glasses, nobody knows I'm Expert Hashimoto!!

I exists like the north winds.

Expert Hashimoto, you wanted to be an expert since your were a kid...?

When I was a kid, there was no Famicon!! Oh well, realisticly, there were no jobs like this, but I wanted to be someone who can give dreams and joy to people.

Then, Bandai creating the Famicon has realize your dreams.

Yes, that's right!

The friendship of these 2 create sparks! Bachi Bachi!!

Expert Hashimoto Profile

Real Name: Shinji Hashimoto. He develops Bandai Famicom Soft[ware]. With outstanding ability as Expert Hashimoto, he has the great trust of many children. Kurumada Sensei's great friend!

Kurumada Sensei, you like martial arts, you have a lot of works with that theme, but in the future, do you plan to work on other types of works? Like LoveCom[Love Comedies]?

Me? LoveComs is not my style! Ah, while we're on the subject, recently, I had a shocking experience!

Eh? What!?

I saw "Leputa, Castle in the Sky" (Directed by Hayao Miyazaki) on TV. It felt like it cancelled everything I did.

No, Miyazaki genre is different than yours.

Hahahaha, everyone says that to comfort me. In other words, if I'm the north winds that strongly flap the outer garments of travelers, Director Miyasaki is the sun.

Indeed, flaping the other garments of travelers warmly.

Yes, watching that, silently, silently, I discovered that at least I can move people.

Then, from here on forward, it might influence your style to change a bit!

Ah, but the works I have made until now, the Kurumada World style, will not change. I already have ability to show power, warmth and tenderness.

Young ones, live passionately!!

If it's so, it's already invincible. Let's get back on topic a little, in "Saint Seiya", Seiya said something like, "Wearing trendy clothes, going to disco, speeding with sport cars, is that youth?" (Jump Comics Vol 8 Page 53) I feel like that's THE message Kurumada Sensei wants to convey...

OHH! That's very right. If you're not senstive to the trends, you're not young? Is that tendency right? If you're young, it's definitely not about that!

Yes, excellent! So, Sensei, from here on too, please keep drawing diehard male characters with these great meanings!!

OHH!! Hashimoto San should keep making dreamlike games giving joy to children and me!!!

Lastly, posing with hands tight!!

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