Saint Seiya creator Masami Kurumada Sensei hot-blooded interview!!

Yes!! Fami[Famicon] Sages, King Kimu & Tetsu Maro visits the work place of the Sensei!! They get excited talking about games and manga!!

We intrude in Sensei's work place!!

[English Translation, pictures scanned and modiflied by Aries Mu(Philip Ho). Only the words inside the brackets are my comments. :)

  Kurumada Sensei
  King Kimu
  Tetsu Maro]

Uh! Uohh!! This is the workplace of the Sensei!!
Wah! The doorplate is marked "Kurumada Production"!!
Oh, the 2 Fami Sages, waited for you! Well, come in, come in!

This is the studio. Seiya and Shun are born here!!

Heihhh!! The real Masami Kurumada Sensei!!! Hello, today we we'll interview you, thank you!!
Hahaha! You can ask me anything.
Then, first question, how did you come up with "Saint Seiya"?
Uhm, first question already a sharp one. First, I love sports but instead of teams or organizations with lots of people, I like one-on-one fighting sports. You can only rely on yourself. I wanted to draw a manga with that fighting sports theme, it became "Saint Seiya".

What about "Saint"[Sacred Fighter], "Cloth"[Sacred Cloth]?
When thinking about the fighting sports, you immediately think Judo or Karate, but drawing a manga of those sports would not be fresh, so I used a concept based on Greek Myths or Constellations. A lot of people say the Cloth references the armors of Europe in the middle ages, but the image that I had may have been from the illustrations of Hajime Sorayama's "Sexy Robot".

Sensei like Game Watches! [They should be the game watches back in the 80s. I used to have one.]

What fighting sports does Sensei do!?
I'm busy right now so nothing, but when I was a student, I did Judo. The first year I started, I got Shodan[First Grade]!, DORYAHH!!!
Hahaha! I'm just playing! Both of you, come out from under the desk!
Sensei is strong even now...

The wall is full of notecards from fans.

While we're on the subject, do Sensei like Famicon games?
Ah, I think the readers would be interested!!
Uhm, the truth is I haven't play them.
Eh! Why not!?
The truth is I love games but when I start, I can't stop.
Ohh! The same as us!!
Because of work, I can't play so, recently, I tried very hard to control myself not to get too close to games!
Uohh! The complete opposite of us!!
To be honest, a while ago, I put off work and play games from morning till night. Do you guys know of them? Before Famicon got popluar, the liquid crystal games.
Ah! The game consoles like a calculator or card shaped!
Game Watch!! I was totally into them!!
Yes, yes! Once you start, you can't stop! You don't work, eat, go to bathroom! 24 hours game watch!!

The bookshelves are full of materials and manga!

Finally, the Sensei is face to face with Famicon!!

Well then, now it's time for Sensei to see the Famicon "Saint Seiya"!! Tetsu Maro, prepare the Famicon!!
Okay! Here is the Famicon!!
Hoh! This is the Famicon Seiya...?
The way to play is you do this, and you do that!! (Check the guide book for details)
...(Silent while playing)

The Sensei's fierce appearance immersed in Famicon "Saint Seiya"!!

(Swallows) How, how is it...?
Uohhh! Interesting!! This is interesting! It's well made!! Well, I'm a little late to this but I'm very surprised that TV games has progressed to this level! And it is also surprising how well the game came from my manga!
Do you think it captured the image of Sensei's manga?
Uhm, I think they must have read a lot of the manga. The comic books have already gone to 6 volumes. To create a game from such a long manga, it must have been hard.

Once Sensei starts playing, he plays it to the end.

Well, there's not many pages left, so let's turn off the Famicon and talk with Sensei some more...
Hey, hey! Tetsu Moro! I'm still playing, don't take it away!!
Bu, but, Sensei... it is...
It's okay, it's okay! Let me finish it once, I'm almost done!
Ahh, Ahh, finish it? Even for the pros, it takes 2 days at least!!
Amazing! You ARE Kurumada Sensei!!
Now's not the time to say that!!
Pegasus Ryuusei Ken!![Meteor Punch] DEHHH!!!
Hyehhh!! Oh no!!
Hahaha! I'm joking. Now, now, come out from under the desk!

Do all types of things and refine yourself!!

If sensei made his own Famicon game, what would you make?
Well, recently I haven't played a lot of games. I'll leave it to the professioals. It's better that I concentrate on manga.

Lastly, a word for the readers.
Famicon is awesome!! But, don't just play that!! Read manga, watch movies! I want you to do all types of things and be a great person!! I'll continue to play this game now...
Oh well!! Anyway, we've kept you busy here, thank you!!

Lastly, with all the asisstants, they take a guts pose! Yes! Pegasus Ryuusei Ken! Flash!!

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