Companion Materials(Listening)

    There are various cassette tapes and CDs released for the fans to enjoy the Saint Seiya story in audio drama form. Some are just adaptations of the existing material. While others offer new material to complement the existing story line.

For Manga

Original Manga


    When the original manga was still been drawn, Shueisha released 3 cassette tapes based on the manga. The characters were voiced by the Anime voice actors. A lot of the scenes not in anime are featured in the these dramas.
   The first tape, Under Any kind of Star[いかなる星の下に: Ikanaru Hoshi no Shita ni]] was released on Aug. 24th, 1988. Before the drama begins, Kurumada himself explains the concept of Cosmo, Seven Senses and Seiya explains the myth of the Saints.
    The drama begins with Seiya winning the Pegasus Cloth and focuses more on the Black Chapter events and Seiya vs. Misty fight. The last parts of the drama have Saori revealing she is the incarnation of Athena. The boys and Athena discusses what it means to be born under a destiny of stars. The tape ends with the voice actors discussing the work and their characters.
    In the same year, 2 More tapes were released on Aug. 29th, that focuses on the events of 12 Palaces Chapter. Gold 12 Palaces Front Chapter[黄金十二宮前編: Ougon Jyuunikyuu Zenpen] focuses on the first 6 Palaces and Gold 12 Palaces Back Chapter[黄金十二宮後編: Ougon Jyuunikyuu Kouhen] focuses on the last 6 Palaces and the Saga fight.

Elements in the drama that are different or not in the anime:

Special Drama, Gold 12 Palaces Chapter

    For the 20 Anniversary of the birth of Saint Seiya, a drama of the original manga, 12 Palaces Chapter, was featured in the radio program, Shuei School Young Girl Research Club[集英学園乙女研究部: Shuei Gakuen Otome Genkyuu Bu]. The broadcast started at the latter half of Sept. 2005. However, the voice actors of the leading cast was not the originals but the ones used in Underworld OVA.
    The drama was re-released in 2 CDs by Columbia Music Entertainment which contained original drama not featured in the radio program. The BGMs used in drama was from the original Sountracks of the original Anime. Shingo and Michi drew new cover jackets for the releases. The first CD was released on Nov. 30, 2005 and the second, Dec. 28th, 2005.


    Released in Jan. 21st, 1997 was the concept album, CD 1997 Boys' Tale[少年記: Shounen Ki], used to test the waters to see there was enough market for a newly drawn manga or newly produced anime but all plans were canceled because of the Asian Economic Crisis.
    This CD have new recorded songs but also a new drama track detailing what happened right after the Hades war. The script of the drama was written by TV Series writer, Yoshiyuki Suga. And most of the original voice actors returned to voice their characters, namely, Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Athena, Miho, and Shunrei.
    The drama track is called "Do Cvidanija -Time of Promise-". The drama itself doesn't have a real plot but feature memories of the past. There were little parts of the drama that actually contradicted what actually happened in the manga(1).
    The drama begins with Seiya is alive right after the Hades fight. The Saints separate and Hyoga says "Do Cvidanija..." Seiya returns to Star Child Orphanage. Miho and the kids will prepare a party for Seiya's return and Seiya promises he will come to the party.  Shun visits Seiya and they go to a beach to talk about the past. Shun explains "Do Cvidanija" doesn't mean 'Good bye' but "Promise to meet again."
    Hyoga dives again to see his Mama. Shiryu is saddened by the lost of his master. Shunrei worries about him. Right after Shiryu reverses the Rozan waterfall, a Cosmo stronger than Poseidon or Hades is felt by all. Seiya couldn't attend the party after all. The drama ends with all of them returning to Sanctuary(even Ikki!!) to meet Saori.

Contradictions with the manga:

Episode. G

    Contained in Apr. issue of 2007 of Champion Red Magazine released in Feb. 19th, was the Super Sound Drama CD featuring Aiolia, Lithos, Galan, Camus, and Pontos.

    The Limited Edition product for Vol 11 published in Feb. 20th of 2007 has another Super Sound Drama CD featuring Lithos, Aiolia, Camus, and Okeanos. (The package also came with a visual guide and an extra space for you to place the other drama CD.)

For Anime

TV Series

    On Nov. 1st, 1987, Galaxian Wars Dream Battle Chapter[銀河戦争 夢の対決編: Ginga Sensou Yume no Taiketu hen] was released. The drama are:

    In Memoral Box Disk 4-5, famous scenes recorded from the TV series were presented as drama. Some of the background music was replaced with other music. The drama are: Future Hades Anime

    5 drama tracks can be found in Hades Chapter album titled, Interludes[間奏曲: Kansoukyoku], voiced by TV Series voice actors of Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki and Saga. The Drama are:

Lost Canvas

Cosmo News

    Web radio program, Radio Cosmos News from the official website also gives news and info to the OVA.

Red Bond

    The Special item of buying all the first print DVDs of LC Season 1 is a drama CD. The Drama is written by Shiori herself titled, Red Bond[赤い絆: Akai Kizuna]. The story is about Pisces Gold Saint Albafica and his master the previous Pisces Saint, Rugonis.
     The Pope sents Albafica to the Island of the Healers to deal with a Specter there. It is there Alibafica meets a man named Luco. Luco looks exactly like his Master Rugonis. The drama reveals Albafica was abandoned as a baby and Rugonis brought him up and trained him to be a Saint. But the tragedy of the destiny of the Pisces Saint is that whoever has the stronger poison blood, master or pupil, will kill the other. Albafica's own blood killed his own master! Before his death, Rugonis wants Albafica to promise to live as the Pisces Saint from then on. As it turns out, Luco is the Specter. He tempts Albafica to live a normal life with no poison. Albafica don't take the temptation and defeats him.

[ You can read the translation of the whole drama here ]

Talking Live

    In 1992, the last Saint Seiya product produced was the Special Preimum Talking Live Saint Seiya Postcript ~ New Myth~ [聖闘士星矢後記?新たなる神話?: Seitoushi Seiya Kouki -Aratanaru Shinwa-]. It was packed with 4 LDs of the 4 Movies and limited edition drawings of Masami Kurumada. This Gold CD Single was not to be sold alone. The Talking Live in the CD has the Voice actors of the main cast talking about Seiya and 6 phone messages by the main characters. One of the more funny products out there.(2) This was the last product to mark the end of Saint Seiya franchise at the time.

[To hear the actual Live and messages and read more about this product go here  ]

Notes & Trivia

1. Rather this is bad research or hints for the future, it is for fans to decide.
2. In Ikki's phone message, he actually said he'll come back in 10 years